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Evil Geniuses vs 5POWER
I have a hunch 5P takes d2
taloo vs MVP PK
Now that I think about it, it's probably an intentional bait by one of the sites. The odds are same but different which means they probably weren't bought, but automatically stolen and changed a bit t...
taloo vs MVP PK
Lmao. Easy to see which sites buy/steal the odds from same place.
fnatic vs TYLOO
Tyloo 2:0 Ence
rightism = nationalism
>They dont want their country to help poor people through social benefits Nationalism is very much tied to helping poor people in your country. The term nationalism has just been tarnished lately. Th...
how to win skoda cup
Lmao. Yea turtle is more effective on larger rink. Stay salty bro :D:D:D
Bernie supporters, come here
Lmao. Even sportsbookers know democractic nomination is rigged. Fun fact: Sanders has the second best odds for becoming the next POTUS (after Trump obvs). However he's actually considered to be 3rd ...
Sprout vs LDLC
2-0 for FF. Thank me later.
Renegades vs Natus Vincere
So the winner of Navi-Ence plays 2 bo3s in a row. Good tournament.
What an ugly rebrand. I guess they wanted to distance themselves from the original sports team or vice versa but it was so much prettier.
underdogs destroy pick em
No wonder if people are crying about their pickems if this is the average cs knowledge on hltv. Anyone who follows cs had tyloo going through and probably going 3-0. Wait, is this why some people had ...
underdogs destroy pick em
Maybe stop picking trash teams? Literally every team you mentioned as good are overrated trash.
BnTeT overrated
Wow great analysis. Sounds like you've watched total of 2 of their games. n1
BnTeT overrated
Only reason he's not fragging is he doesn't have to anymore. There's enough other solid players to just stomp murican trash. You'll see him fragging when the real matches start so hopefully next week.