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Heroic vs mousesports
0/4 pistols how fucking bad are u heroic shits
Heroic vs mousesports
when did styko learn how to shoot, every time i bet on mouse he is useless bot
AGO vs pro100
you both must be 2lvl faceit players if you don't know why he knew the guy was on short
AGO vs pro100
>ago >overrated pick one
Byali dusrespectful
No shit Sherlock
Poles come here
Why are you even trying, even most germans already admitted that it was mistake
yeah, only one day since his death and i already miss him, he was too young....
Dignitas vs LDLC
you gave me one example and you act like it explains everything, nice logic, so you're saying to me that LDLC won only 7 rounds in a row in ct and for you its MASSIVE CHOKE from dignitas because they ...
Dignitas vs LDLC
it doesn't work like that son
Dignitas vs LDLC
maybe because it was nuke t side?
PENTA vs iGame.com
innocent is entry too btw
Polish Teenagers burn Hedgehog
because that was my point, fuuck you won
Polish Teenagers burn Hedgehog
yeah and they did it in the name of god, of course not
Polish Teenagers burn Hedgehog
but by saying christians have evil people u mean people who burn hedgehog, and evil muslims are terrorists, its kinda not fair, lets be honest u all people are afraid because u dont want to seem racis...
Most of youtubers don't deserve so much attention because they don't put effort in their videos, but this guy makes great videos, you can see the quality, a content, he chooses great songs, does a lot...