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Worst music genre
sorry, not IDM.. I mean EDM. IDM - Intelligent Dance Music, which is not exactly my taste but no hate.
Worst music genre
IDM - this shit is now the biggest cancer of music industry. dubstep - these farts.... trance - after become a mainstream horse shit. Quality Trance died in 2006/07.
Worst music genre
Germany is a homeland of Techno music, how dare u? Techno is now worse than 15 years ago, but there are still good producers.
without jews world would peace... ummmm maybe without slems as well..
disgusting nation
Eurovision and Izrael
"im sure", "I know", "now I uderstand" (after pasting random yt link), you don't even needs to my answers, u know everything, like u said from this "guy" who tells u the terrifying truth about my hi h...
Eurovision and Izrael
you are paranoia.
Eurovision and Izrael
No, Israel isn't a country it's a fake country cuz u stolen that land. "Now I understand..." dont even try :D go spread your sorrow to somewhere else about how world is bad for you.
Eurovision and Izrael
demanding to respect is a racism? or you just one of that ppl who treating "negro" and "jew" words like a offence?
Eurovision and Izrael
always pretending to be a victim - expected from israel which is not even a country.
Jews come here...
World cancer is jews made as well.
Eurovision 2018 LMAO
This is really weird cuz israel isn't even country, just bunch of savages who stolen someones land.
Ofc audience is decider, for real, not rigged at all.
Israel is a joke
antisemitizm increase 1000% after this crap xD