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KD ratio & frag count is not everything!
It's pretty bad in faceit, in the ladder you get 1 point for 1 kill so this makes people bait even more or just get pussy exit frags because they want the points so bad..
Only hltv user with sex
what you into ? you already tried BDSM ? anal ?
Only hltv user with sex
dont go to the streets and vandalize shit is how would i define, or doesnt mass harass people with other opinions
AWPers tend to have a bit better rating than riflers tho, although I agree he is gonna go far
City - Spurs
What an assists by kdb, just imagine if KDB and GOAT(pukki) played at the same team
WTF Cloud9
Mate I hate to break it to you but FaZe is retirement home team, 3 players are ex-superstar players and they cant reach the same level anymore and be consistent. Niko is legit good but he might be pri...
WTF Cloud9
yes it did and that is the problem
Teemu Pukki
maybe true, hockey is more hyped and I think e-sports too
WTF Cloud9
It doesnt matter, 1 bo1 win in this invite only event shoud not ever give top 20 spot.
WTF Cloud9
sure, exclusive invite for the org, when the players have shown nothing together. Play bo1 games and have 1 lucky win, 2 ties and get rekt for 4 games. Still get top #20. There is nothing deserved in...
I got like 240 average, I feel bad. But I blame my workplace mouise and PC.
WTF Cloud9
still, 4 loses, its more loses than ties + wins. And 1 bo1 win, just 1 and its fking bo1. No matter what you say its never deserved imo
City - Spurs
Haha XD Atleast he makes the game now more interesting again . First goal since november 2018 wtf
WTF Cloud9
Won 1 game, 2 ties and 4 loses. Very top 20 material, I'm not saying they couldnt be top 20 team, just saying that its pretty undeserved to get it like this
Teemu Pukki
Yup, I remember too being hyped when he transferred to schalke for 1 million. He did score against schalke too with HJK