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masturbation at home, keep money, eat ''well''
USA's weath is impressive?
Impressive having so much greedy fucks packed in one place, govt backing rich fuck no ppl, very good
9 year old gets university degree :D
I didnt read all ur text but think just basic math, it must be very easy to you, and I bet math was easy at school for you. Maths is kind of problem solving anyway
9 year old gets university degree :D
Didnt someone beat u and posted proof?? Change name or report
9 year old gets university degree :D
+ some who are too smart they get bored at school when its too easy, they dont learn good work ethics.
I Fix any Football team
SMS in lazio no?
I Fix any Football team
Matic is too old and slow, he has good technique and is strong but not enough legs for PL anymore. And why would you get rid of guendouzi? He is still young and only gets better, replace him with mati...
130h / 2 weeks
parents divorcing
I think the same, no need for marriage
CS players with fifa ratings
xantares = Hakan Şükür
CS players with fifa ratings
u mean *94 on xantares ?
+2 epic games buy faze and csgo
CR7 still best?
I think messi alwayss was little better maybe, mad respect to ronaldo tho nobody works so hard with big commitment
CR7 still best?
https://www.businessinsider.com/petr-cech-saved-a-penalty-to-win-ice-hockey-debut-2019-10?r=US&IR=T Here from FOOTB ALL(soccer) to hockey see it's possible, give example from americano handegg now ??...
Night theme
+1 never used nightmode so why change, i can have pc on nightmode if i want, my eyes are not too weak like this little pusssy need nightmode and oberpridec gunnars for protection, ask mumma for eyedr...