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Capitalists come here
People who pay for it are more motivated to study and less likely to drop out so it makes sense, you can learn well in free university too if you are just motivated. So no, its not ironic.
Most popular people from your country?
amir khan is british NT, Born in bolton. Most famous in finland hussein al-taee , great politician
Capitalists come here
study and learn i cant recommend america, just study in europe its cheap/free. Ur fucking institutes are too greedy, but yes if you are succesful and wealthy, US is good choice
NEO still on FaZe?
faze disband after major. new 100T roster -aleksib -niko -rain -coldzera -kioshima sunny new caller for ence
Capitalists come here
Capitalists come here
Gz you are the king in the north
RIP Lars Larsen
FaZe disband after major, new 100T roster. -aleksib -coldzera -niko -rain -kioshima sunny probably is next caller for ence
Faze disband after major. 100T new roster after major, -aleksib -niko -rain -kioshima -coldzera Sunny will be ence new caller
ence wtf?
faze will disband, 100T buy niko and rain, then they get coldzera and kishima and aleksib to complete roster, sunny probably calls for ence in the future.
Knife Tier List
S- tier default B-tier karambit -9999- tier buttplugs knives
100 Thieves leaked
Its gonna be -aleksib -niko -rain -kio -coldzera FaZe is going to disband, I think sunny will call for ence
FaZe is gonna disband, 100T buys niko and rain, gets coldzera, kioshima and aleksiB, ENCE have internal issues they dont like aleksib mid round calling, it is unclear who is next IGL in ENCE , it coul...
Aleksib only one
allu half mongol too, (you can tell from eyes)
OUR forest
yup, I mean I have seen posts in internet about people who just plant thousand trees or more themselves, if one poeple can do why not country,