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17 school shootings usa
Very well said.
School shooting Michigan
Does this change the fact that this was a domestic shooting and both victims were not students? Because I don't think it does
School shooting Michigan
News articles clearly state that not only was it a domestic case but the 2 victims were not students...
He is literally begging for attention, no way this kid is older than 13
hahaha all of your comments in this thread translate to: "I NEED ATTENTION! GIVE IT TO ME!" Well looks like you got what you wanted! haha
Cloud9 vs Gambit
wardell performs great but i have no clue how he would perform against top teams
Cloud9 vs Gambit
If c9 want to improve he definitely needs to go. But who takes his spot is the question.
You are that guy that no matter what is said, you will think of something to say to go against it. You know who else handles arguments like that? Children hahaha Seriously though if you think you're p...
lolololol ok
just bought a house AMA
Yea true, I'm lucky enough to work 5miles from my house but yea if I had to work in the city I'd definitely get an appartment. I thought you were kidding about the shed tbh, but I must say If I had th...
just bought a house AMA
Yea but some people (like myself) hate living right next to others. No privacy, limited on what you can do depending on time of day. Also, all that money your spending for the duration of time in that...
Astralis vs Envy
XMS and happy, long lost brothers?
just bought a house AMA
What would your alternative to a house be?
I know it's funny haha, seriously though look at all your posts in this thread. xDD xDD xDD xDD xDD xDD