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TYLOO vs Splyce
and dont forget to knife someone
TYLOO vs Splyce
keep throwing like yesterday
LGD vs MVP Project
not that many, its like 1.3-1.4 billion, and i believe wht he said means there're around 0.2billion chinese nubs>=termi and his fellows, not my opinion ofc
CyberZen vs Renegades
its like asking "why chinese should use english to communicate with others on hltv?"
CyberZen vs Renegades
hk dont eat dogs? maybe its true becoz hk was ruled by the friend of dogs for 100years due to the sin of a war, but its ok, nvm, hongkongese is the sort of the chinese who dont eat dogs
CyberZen vs Renegades
so sad that u r the same, chinese
TYLOO vs Born Of Fire
xf was the coach of bof if my memory is right, alex build bof and gets many support from his old teammates, maybe one day u will even see that sakula shows up
CyberZen vs G2
this is a slang from northern china, [6] sounds like the character [smooth], and when they says [this is really smooth], that mean it is fluent\nice\good, this is praising
CyberZen vs G2
casting via another channel from imbatv, dont worry
CyberZen vs G2
casting via another channel from imbatv, dont worry -- wrong replying, sry
Natus Vincere vs CyberZen
getting more than 10 rounds per map will be good enough
GANK vs AllGamers
2days ago i think
CyberZen vs Skyred
becoz its not shown on hltv, maybe the match is not admited by hltv? the score was close but i think tyloo have something preserved, still looking good that czen>tyloo after 3-5months
CyberZen vs AllGamers
when u r watching chinese stream site, do NOT trust the number of viewers
CyberZen vs AllGamers
then stop that