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Hltv and sex topics
U never fucked any girl's throat whilst she's sucking you? You should try it sometimes :P Or stop dating nuns.
Hltv and sex topics
You know at cs being as old as it is, there are bound to be some old fucks around here too, that maybe have tried certain things in life already. justsayin
RE: deepthroat
Imo, sex really is in little mindfucks like that, that's what makes it fun :) Anyway, have a nice day mr.UK :P
R8 ass 18+
You need to grow up sunshine. Also, you have gone to sucking up to me to hating me in a very quick fashion, maybe get a personality and a backbone too.
RE: deepthroat
The thing is that dudes think that, yet it is girl playing with guys dick. She can stop any moment, she can bite any moment, she can go slow/fast any moment. So who has control, really?
R8 ass 18+
You understand that literally every girl at the age of 18-20 who perks up her ass like that, leans a bit forward and on her tippy toes can make ass like that, or are you just bunch of retarded incels?...
Arent short girls unattractive?
Not a woman reporting in. And then if I said any dude below 190 is not a man, you'd rip me apart.
your rent?
best csgo mouse?
zowie FK series
wallpaper thread
Pretty cool :) That's your fave airplane or why this one in particular?
wallpaper thread
are you in the aeronautics business?
wallpaper thread
enjoy :D
red dead redemption
Yeah, I guess the achievements are the only thing :) Not sure if I should wait another month. You have it? Worth the wait or too good?
red dead redemption
Yea but I want to see it on the list of my steam games, so I guess that doesn't work unless it is bought on Steam :P