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Natus Vincere vs mousesports
navi probably have the best fragger trio of all teams if all of them show up which was up until now rarely the case. i honestly think they could be the nr 1 team so s1mple and flamie not leaving was a...
G2 vs adwokacik
Virtus.pro vs BIG
Well it's not just about winning and losing but also about the score. I totally agree on BIG being better than VP but 16:3 seems pretty dominant even with that in consideration. Although I guess it's ...
North vs LDLC
Considering the buyouts of some of these faze players i cant really believe them not earning at least as much as the other top teams. Also not to sure about the not getting paid enough thing. But as i...
AGO vs Natus Vincere
s1mple's form has been consistantly insane for quite a long time now
Virtus.pro vs Movistar Riders
not suprising at all with 4 washed up players in sprout. sprouts whole existence is based on pathetic germans thinking they can build a team by investing money in a team with players not having reach...
Virtus.pro vs BIG
at this point rebuild the whole fucking roster already. legit every player is playing like fucking trash. Build around Snax and maybe Michu. Pasha can start streaming, neo can retire as a legend and b...
LDLC vs North
North vs LDLC
your theory is total bullshit. by that logic faze should be fucking trash. while i agree money can lower ambition in a certain way i'm fairly sure no one is gonna give less fucks about big leagues and...
FaZe vs fnatic
faze rekt in finals again feelsgoodman. also flusha is a fucking legend
FaZe vs fnatic
get rekt olofmeistur
Meaning of Life?????
there is none. so just enjoy what you like
Liquid vs mousesports
styko legit solo losing this
mousesports vs Virtus.pro
thats gotta be the reason for sure
LDLC vs Space Soldiers
wouldnt be too sure about ago