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still better than fox
explain me pubg
Is the game similar to rust?
kng proved it already
no country can exist without borders, rip germany with your mentality
none of those 3 are news though :D
sieg heil
prolly your right hand, in a slight angle
Juliano XD
I don't mind mind or really care to see females top teams losing to tier5 male teams, it's expetected. But I love seeing the delusion broken down when they cry about sexism in gaming and how they dese...
so similar layout though :D
is that csgolounge?
kio pathetic vol.102012
haha he's still so salty. Like obv he could have performed better and the one replacing him is a lot better, hence justified replacement. Just like with allu (though allu was performing far better tha...
Kinguin disband incoming (no clickbait)
Kinguin is kinda similar to the bulgarian MK. Both teams looked at one point very promising, yet both teams have just kept going downhill for a long time. Both teams prolly disbanding and neither team...
-allu-friberg ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ?
haha shittiest argument ever
Stick to diet or burger?
a well made burger ain't that bad, it's the soft drink and fries that will fuck ya up
lurpiss and natu
Natu lived in the UK, lurppis lived a long time in the US
What would u choose?
yeah sounds reasonable, clean toilets, no favelas, no niggas, no muslims and thoorin is banned
Consider yourself lucky, usually russians don't behave that well