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TeamOne vs FURIA
For sure, let's see which one is the 3rd best brazilian team.
Cloud9 vs INTZ
INTZ should try to get this map if they want to get the last spot.
INTZ vs Cloud9
It's funny to see kng in Brazil dropped his lvl and here he is destroying. Maybe he was just not training at all in Brazil, lol.
Isurus vs Imperial
I just want to know why they made all the matches md1. Even upper bracket final and lower bracket final. Just random as fuck, who the fuck thought this was a good format?
FURIA Inagame vs Imperial
Showtime bottomfragging in Brazil, nice one, dude.
Bravado vs FURIA
This team without spaccca, insta orgasm
Whatever makes you happy, but liazz will be the consistent one in Rng eventually.
Zeus !!!
Gambit was a fucked up team. Dosia isn't good since 2013 and Mir is like Russia's Roca, the promised one that never showed up. Adren can totally igl, he did it in his teams in 1.6, why not now? It's ...
Jkaem is too inconsistent to me. If he has a bad event, they just crumble.
Nifty to cloud9?
There was better options for him, tbh. Rogue needed an awper or at least second awper/igl in the same period. Maybe money called.
Whatsapp elects Bolsonaro
And this guy won't even go to debates, coward as fuck.
Nifty to cloud9?
He doesn't want to awp anymore. And i think they need more firepower than an awper. They should pick someone with carry potential like Ethan or Brehze or even Scream.
Talking about raw skill, not playstyle. And jks was nuts maybe in 2014, nowadays he is okish,
Zeus !!!
Imagine - edward - zeus + hobbit + adren. Adren as igl, they wouldn't even need to call tbh.
Yeah, he is like jks when he first appeared.