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TeamOne vs Old Guys Club
Only way Team one can go to next game, LMAO
Swole Patrol vs FURIA
AbleJ finally showing his potential.
mibr 5th?
kng is a sick rifler too. He played that way in Immortals and he carried a lot of games in their major run. It would be probably the best mood, since kng is a hard worker and hungry for trophies.
G2 vs ENCE
Since when is a mistake to go for nuke against a NA team?
felps and kNg
He is one of the main reasons they qualified to EPL. But let's see their first lan and then we talk again. But I don't see him as a problem in this line up. The weak link is not even Horvy, it's xand...
felps and kNg
I mean, he has a high skill ceilling. At his best, he is as good or even better than trk. Kscerato has room to improve and i would pick him up too. I would even consider exit or leo_drunky, because se...
felps and kNg
Felps, kng, chelo, horvy and boltz. Best they can get, it could be better with hen1, but not if it comes with lucas too.
INTZ vs Imperial
I don't know why Intz think they can play dust2, lol. Getting trashed by zqk, shoowtime and tifa.
Astralis "era"
boostmeister disagrees.
Shox unbelievably stupid
Well, Ocelote is retarded, he could've gotten zywoo for 100k and have his problems solved. Now he still has a team with kennys aka retired awper and boddy.
Astralis vs MIBR
YO FALLEN, LE NOOB, silver rush to lose inferno and USPed to lose overpass.
Astralis vs MIBR
Mibr is probably the best team in losing rounds in advantage situations.
Astralis vs MIBR
YO FALLEN LE NOOB, can't win a duel against an usp, wtf are u doing?
Astralis vs MIBR
Tarik can't spray for shit. Just kick this peanut brain.
Astralis vs MIBR
That round from mibr, lol. Just give the trophy to Astralis already.