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And what short height becomes too awkward then? Just for curiosity.
Well, if i see an ugly dude with a hot blonde girl i assume it's an escort or the dude is rich af. Most of the time it's one of these two, because you can see they have no intimacy.
Best current IGL
TabseN, BlameF, arT, you could also consider Krystal.
His stream is boring and monotonous. I am genuinely surprised with how many people watch him daily...
Ze Pug Godz vs TeamOne
When will team one calls quit in this project? Total waste of money.
Not really though...
Nah, Thorin will be available too, for sure. Guy is a 40 years old virgin.
furia style
Furia should rework their strategy against EG, it works against most of the teams in NA, but they can't catch a break against EG. Although the last two games were really close, they suffered to win v...
Evil Geniuses vs FURIA
May the curse be broken today
grim 120 BOMB
He did 36 in regulation in both maps. Still impressive. Even more if you consider dust 2's result was 16-6. It was multiple kills round after round.
most underrated team rn?
Spirit and Heretics.
Grim actually “cheating”
Not a weird thing tbh, C9 abused this on lan enviroment, imagine online where people can't prove it. Anyway, it's fun seeing mibr fans going crazy
Triumph vs MIBR
Beside he is cocky as fuck while doing badly.
Triumph vs MIBR
GRIM IS CHEATING MENSSSS, TEN THOUSANDS OF CLIPS IN A BO3 Fucking nasty, 72 kills in regulation across 2 maps. 100 bombs in 2 maps, is this a record?
Triumph vs MIBR
Dropped 64 bombs and lost it. That's a new one