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FaZe vs fnatic
Man, it's just so hard to believe. It's not difficult to see better variety in tactics in a Master Guardian pub T side.
FaZe vs fnatic
Is the only strat Faze have on T side to walk up banana and run B? What have they been working on all this time if this is all the depth they have in their stratbook?
Top 5 csgo players of all time
Having t1 teams doesnt mean the event itself is t1. Price pool, qualifiers and formats all matter. Again out of those examples probably only ESL new york is considered t1. There's not really much else...
Top 5 csgo players of all time
Tier 1
Top 5 csgo players of all time
No he doesn't. The only Tier 1 tournament that it could be argued he has an MVP for, is ESL one new york.
Top 5 csgo players of all time
Majors and tier 1 tournament MVP's
Top 5 csgo players of all time
Good list but I would swap Cold with Device just because Device has never been the best player in the game, and I think if you want to be the GOAT you have to at some point be the best.
Top 5 csgo players of all time
TBH Niko doesn't really have any real achievements yet.
Simple isn't the best rifler on Navi.
Natus Vincere vs Complexity
Elec is better than Simple. He works more for his kills and doesnt have the entire team to bait for him. Simple is better with the Awp but thats it.
So, now you're just saying "no you". Just what exactly was your objective in replying to me?
lol. look, you're the one who took the time to respond to me. if all you're doing is asking for "empirical evidence" go do something else. you are bringing nothing to the conversation.
lol, if all you're able to bring to the conversation is "trust me bro" then maybe next time just pass. you have been a complete waste of time.
G2 vs ENCE
2-0 by Ence
You're saying it's impossible for a person with 200 hours to kill more than 3 people in a map, 2 of which are fully blind and I'm saying that's nonsense. Nothing special going on here. You simply have...