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ELIGE is a Jew???
polytheism ? kek
ELIGE is a Jew???
i don't know what's worst between a 13yo handicapped child or a grown adult believing in gods lmao religion in 2k19 lul
Depends on what kind of vegan it is. I have a vegan friends who doesn't give a fuck when we eat meat around him but there's some that doesn't stand seeing other people eating some meat
Katowice, most unpredictable major?
And if u would looks at dates you would see that i wrote this on the 3rd of February while the interview with Zeus was released on the 9th
Katowice, most unpredictable major?
I can't really say they are real contenders when they've gone under roster changes recently and they didn't play in Big Events since
Katowice, most unpredictable major?
Would be a huge fail if Astralis doesn't win. Na'Vi is the only contender The best rosters of 2018 are rebuilding and the rest is struggling Unless some team get a crazy honeymoon period, but other ...
20 yo NEVER GF
Ugly ? Do you shower ? Skinny/fat ? Do you dress like a nerd? Just shy ?
20 yo NEVER GF
Yes it is
lol don't blame CoL just blame trash team like G2 who couldn't defeat them
BIG 2.60 @ NordicBet
IMO they can win but i'm not saying they will win. But i don't have a lot of faith in G2 rn
G2 vs Natus Vincere
North vs OpTic
Optic is playing from EU or NA ?
fnatic era > "astralis era"
Average level was a lot lower back then though
EnVyUs big shuffle
i aren't think that
EnVyUs big shuffle
ScreaM but no kio ? aya