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Your birthday
unironically same here
FE cs
they do sometimes, is mostly online cs tho - not advertised as much but its out there, most recent example i can think of is WESG fe LAN finals for ruski area
Opinion on Dasha
she worked at epicenter last year as well and she wasnt so known back then, only now shes being thirsted on by ppl she is aware epicenter uses her a bit to bait viewers into watching
10/10 girls?
good taste
Worst major city in your country
Amsterdam is cancer unless you're a tourist
Thooorin Is Racist
thorin is actually a pretty reasonable person if you look at his tweets - a large part is just banter not sure how living in Korea is equal to abusing the women, pretty sure he loved being there beca...
Favorite Map?
I've grown to like (new) Inferno more and more, simply because after a while you get more feeling for the map again and how it's played properly (timings, nades, rotations etc) I like Overpass and In...
FE cs
they exist because of companies wanting to prove they are progressive, and sponsors are paying for FE tournaments most FE cs pros do not understand they are nothing more than a marketing tool, and ar...
R8 this grill
https://i.imgur.com/2jhZNm7.jpg I hope thats ur face on the screen OP, or a show, otherwise u got cucked m8
Dangerous Cities in your country
losing to SK on inferno
polish diet
VP Cheat
out of interest, what are your thoughts on cheating being/becoming an official crime?
R8 girl
nice but her ass wouldn't look as big if she wasnt arching so hard
"Cry is free" is one constantly used sentence to users who are complaining about something. But what most don't know, is that this sentence is actually a huge lie. As far as we know, tears consist of...
I'll have whatever OP's smoking thanks