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people who instantly rage as soon as they see supreme, r worse than people who wearing it. lmao
yh to stay awake another 5 hours on coke at home
favorite porn star
kylie page.. way to underrated
Teams per tiers (NO B8)
ok cool
i guess ur favourite food
not a blood thing. its legal there thats y u smoke alot i dont think only pure dutch people smoke weed in the netherlands man :'D
du meinst die eine woche ende januar an dem schnee hier in deutschland liegt? :'D
Wow, gonna tell who you are by the music you like
well after this reply i can tell u never really listen to kendrick (or u r just a troll).... probably only hearing humble and dna in the radio. if u knew more then five songs from him u would never s...
Wow, gonna tell who you are by the music you like
best rapper alive/active. hes the best in his category u cant say hes a bad musician cause u dont like rap/hip hop. everyone hating since "damn" goes straigt viral but i think he finally gets the at...
he looks like yung hurn lmao
i r8 your music taste
damn u pbly dont listen to rap but x snapped there. hes actually good most ppl like to jump on the hate train listen to these
normally jsut oldskool black vans but i got some primeknits. wear this the most
Germans in MM
probably ts
Why Brazil is so dominant??
they all sold there souls. brazil was non existent in csgo 2 years ago
Best Pornstars?
kylie page underrated af
yeah can understand its not the taste of the most people here but i often see xxxtentacion topics and ski mask is kinda in his shadow thats why i made this topic :D also his tokyo drift sample song is...