It do be like that
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First constitution in europe in Vilnius museum
ok thanks wikipedia worker
Fantasy team replacement
I got nuked by the random replacements as well. At least they should give another stage 2 player of similar price, and not someone who is losing to saw youngsters
favorite song :)
Team slogan rankings
Ez4ence ence ence dens putted upper belt putted upper belt
NLG vs SAW Youngsters
I had maden from FPX. I dont know what fucking logic hltv uses to replace maden with a player from a team that loses to saw academy on 1st round. God damn
NLG vs SAW Youngsters
Why the fuck do I have this guy sin on my fantasy team??
bubzkji tweet
Would be awesome if one of the astralis players couldnt play at the major, and bubski refused to stand in. Just as a fuck you to the org. But he wouldnt do that. He reminds me of bottas at mercedes. ...
It could be just because they didnt need a stage host before, because they were gonna be remote. Now that they decided to bring the talent to the arena, they do need one, and were gonna hire her anywa...
Unfortunate that it might be at the back of giving in to some identity politics. With that said shes an excellent host. No one is as good as oj borg, but shes great. Major is def better with her in
gla1ve returns for PGL Major Stockholm; Bubzkji out
lmao feels bad for benchkji, he deserves better than this
house of dragon!
Looks terrible, never watching hbo shit after season 8 lmao
How is your monday
Yeah I just sat there looking at it like wtf are they doing
major arena
I don't think they are brave enough for that, but I hope so