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which resulted in him waking up next to a bologne sandwich and his orange cat meowing furiously at him for falling right onto the cat's mouse-looking toy.
NaVi S1mple Report
"s1mple will LEAVE liquid". I thought he already "left"?
Continue the story with 1 sentence
JoelZ got revived when he suddenly fell and by mistake put his finger in a tub of hot water
Continue the story with 1 sentence
because he had to think of something else
I have to be honest, he'd be a great dad. I think his sometimes toxic behavior comes from playing so much CS. I mean, he's really been putting down work on trying to get better, but if you constant...
Help. How to not black out
Get some sleep I suppose. Sounds like your brain is simply saying no. :P
m0e getting hard on Shroud
There's a lot of drama in these NA pugs man xD
lolyou gone?
all i know is that he moved a while ago and couldnt stream for a long time
minim0e could easily play in FPL, don't even joke about that, he already has the skill of a pro, he can awp like a top NA awper, his rifling is awesome, he only needs to improve his communication.
sweden grill so sxc but why sweden boys so ugly, they all look like 12 yr old gay blonde fags, this why sweden grill are marry abdullah because he look like actual man
Tombstone pump marker action @ Paintballbanan, Saxtorp ..
Cleaning Toilet - ama
sounds yummy actually
Cleaning Toilet - ama
what is your favourite food?
oh my lord