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Hitler Reacts to BIG's Exit at Katowice
old shows you miss?
Entourage. A show that raw will never get made again because of PC.
Yes, of course. But hair is not worth erectile dysfuction.
It's probably true, but also a very slim chance. And if you get it, just stop taking it and you're good again.
Thanks! :) What are you scared of? Don't think there are any major sides to it? And if you get some sides you can just stop taking it. I personally didn't get anything.
My dad also has hair, I got the hair genetics from my mothers side, though. You're not safe just because your dad has hair. If the males on your mothers side has hair you're probably gucci.
About 2 years maybe... https://imgur.com/a/TN4co
Start finasteride early if you can. Really helped me.
Is cracking your fingers, wrist and back bad for your health?
All the doctors I've talked to says it's not dangerous, but in my personal experience my joints hurts a lot if I don't crack them, so it may be a addiction thing. I would not recommend starting if you...
Netflix Series TIPS?
+1 Daredevil and punisher are the only marvel series on netflix worth watching
socialism won today
Ofc it matters how high taxes are. Almost everything the goverment does is inefficent, so if the government does it, it means it's more expensive than it needs to be, and you don't have a say in it. A...
socialism won today
Lol, we're taxed a lot more more in norway than sweden. About 60-70% of everything you make goes back to the government through various taxes and fees. Also everything is expensive as fuck because of ...
socialism won today
Afaik places like Hong Kong and Singapore are the least regulated in terms of businesses. Not sure about the income tax tho.
socialism won today
How much is federal?
'Abortion is good'
i would sarcasically say yes because your logic is so good, but that got me banned when this thread come out