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5500$ setup RATE OR HATE!!
must be nice to have two 1070 and then consider a 1080 ti. I'm still using my i7 930 from 09.
cs go dead????
nah cs go is dead since no gambling
lol so mad, sucks at cs, so writes about soccer in a cs website.
lagcats rates your username pt2
you smell like shit
My rival has done this recently. Its been over a year and I just updated the steelseries 3 engine. About twice a week it spazzes out and spins staring at the ground.
no gambling = ded gaem
Only thing gambling does is benefit orgs with sponsors and tournament host. What does Valve need sponsors for? CS stayed alive from 1.6 to source without gambling and cs will continue on just like bef...
You have 10 billion dollars
10 billion is kinda irrelevant to your question since you are speaking hypothetically. It's like asking "You have 10 billion dollars. What would you name your dog?"
Brazil Booing Olympic Games
Don't worry they cheered at all of Simone Biles mistakes as well. Brazilians on hltv are just like there countrymen. Its just a cultural thing.
We smart,We loyal,We friendly, We are from BRAZIL
ok m8
like the new gen i7 6700k is socket 1151 so you need a motherboard that is socket 1151
We smart,We loyal,We friendly, We are from BRAZIL
favelas don't say m8 every sentence
new cpu means u need new motherboard and ram. You can't just swap out cpu and use the same motherboard unless it is the same socket.
i rather have niko then bot rain
[*]ERDOGAN leaving country
erdogan became the first muslim to be denied refuge in germany
Military just shot on civilians
i hope gob b is ok :(