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tarik vs jw bhop de_inferno
exactly! thanks my friend. If I were rich I would send you gift but all I got for now is my thank you, a lot :)
McDonalds or KFC
mcdonalds > crack
i_eat_kebab handed ban
hltv forum news
smooya 32 kills 0 impact
he's flashy sometimes, but he's bad. he reminds me of lem awpers
we're all brodda's as we play this awesome game called counter fucking strike :)
impossible because some countries are too small.
am I racist ?
do you work with porn?
can confirm have been robbed 4 times and was kept hostage by a gang when they targeted my residential building. no violence though they were very polite and professional criminals
no fanstralis and krieg lovers please
1.6 og
9 year old gets university degree :D
losing his childhood probably his family decided for him, so losing his free will will work as a slave until he dies. arbeit mach frei probably raised in a cage with books no internet, else he'd be pl...
i'm smart but lazy
it's called Transference
i'm smart but lazy
Probably they are joking, or maybe they are thinking nazi's let some people free. Oh wait, they did. This is why jews that survived death camps made israel very uncomfortable when they arrived home, I...
i'm smart but lazy
I thought: arbeit = work macht = possibly, potency frei = free But yeah I know what you mean. It's some kind of twisted fuck sarcasm, yeah. Funny thing is Hitler and his gang knew this to be sarcasm w...
i'm smart but lazy
it's like a club where we pat their heads and say "yes you are smarter than the rest, congratulations. now back to work soab!" rofl