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G2 vs FlipSid3
YOu realize there is 0 demo's/film of those teams. It's hard to play against random teams. As for Vexed that is very concerning. F3 shouldn't be losing to them if they are a good team. This has me wor...
Virtus.pro vs FlipSid3
This was his 2nd match ever with them.
Envy vs FlipSid3
So did FlipSid3?...They played 3 maps with a standin.
FlipSid3 vs CLG
CLG didn't attend DH winter or cologne 2014... are you high?
Simple to Na'Vi
HLTV announced the year long contracts. Also, it is known within the cis community that navi actually attempted before flamie.
Simple to Na'Vi
Bro enough, s1mple won't be going to navi. They have tried to sign him before starix left and couldn't. He is under contract with F3 til April of next year.
The reason this is so stupid is because he served his original ban. He is banned for playing on another account...but he did it when he was 15 years old....Snax had the chance to do the rehabilitation...
fl1psid3 = CHOKERS
F3 lost because of the allu awp shot. http://www.twitch.tv/dreamhackcs/v/4847570?t=1h03m33s
Top 5 Favorite Teams?
BTW FlipSid3 is an American Org. so GOGO USA!!!
FlipSid3 vs Natus Vincere
FYI ask anyone who was at CPH... 2 players had the flu... blade and bondik had a full blown out flu. I was there and saw them being sick. I am shocked they made top 4 with 2 people being that sick. Bo...
ESL player ban question
are you serious? Don't troll me bro..
ex-ESC to LDLC
This move shocked th4e world
R9 270 would it be goor or decent for my PC ?
It should be good TBH
10 Counter-Strike 1.6 pros who could have been good at CS:GO
No idea man....heaton?