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Leaf is actually hacking
of course to be playing at that level he had to beat 100,000 people many who were cheating so the likelyhood of all the players cheating is through the roof. This one clip however does not indicate he...
corona vaccine?
Sorry man but that's not what I meant at all. Being anti vaccine is like being anti every drug , some might save your life Being pro-every-vaccine is equally stupid. Do you really need a vaccine to p...
corona vaccine?
retard that's like saying "anti-drug"
corona vaccine? what youre saying is such garbage.. the portion of the population that will go into anaphylactic shock ? fuck them right? it's not...
corona vaccine?
Then you would have been a Nazi had this been the year 1930 - the basis of the covid test is fraudulent, how are you are not able to recognize that?
corona vaccine?
he feels bad for you and says hope you don't get it. But you're right , molecular based testing is a scam and we are not even allowed to validate the results in some places. At the time of someone's ...
Maikelele hacked
"were already sure as to what they wanted to do in life and smart enough to accomplish those goals" it's such a lie lol they were already rich AF in reality normal people don't drop out of Yale etc ...
starting gofundme to send Greatest_of_all_goats to USA to pass his messages to valve
source 2 cancelled
you can write to the same people and the odds of them replying are more or less the same
xANTARES also cheator now?
just no!!! the earth is the center of the universeYOUFOOL
valorant asses need nerfing honestly but ya. omen