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countries you hate to play with/against
Turks are cancer,should be banned from eu servers.period
1.6 boomers come here
Well you cant compare 1.6 and global. 2 different games,same as you compare lol and dota. Both games have thier perks. Imo in global for me its easier to spray and shoot,with every gun. But then you h...
fnatic top 1?
They probably start cheating again,since its online .
huNter's HLTV acc
Nope i know them irl,not same ppl :D
huNter's HLTV acc
Its not hunter,its another kid from Brcko,also cousins.. xD
Brits in cs (faceit and MM)
Sry i played with Brits too,but worst of the worst are Turkish guys. Terrible teammates,even tk you,99% of them are chaters. Not i global,also in pub g,and Apex.. They ruin eu servers because of 1 met...
As much as i love Messi and Barca i must admint Ronaldo i one of the kind.. Stats and record said everything..
Iran come here
USA i cancer,hope Putin will bomb then soon,so they dont ruin rest of world,like they ruin us..
Ninja so dumb
Dunno about NFL and football,but when i see NBA player to miss more then 50% ft,that i cant understand.. xD
1.6 movement
God i miss 1.6 lan tours... Now its all about online.. and global is boring,you just need to learn throw granades and its ok,aim/skill-wise dont mean much.. And yeah in 1.6 ms was about 800 i think.
The first pro CS highlight you saw?
With hype music too,i used to watch them to hype my self,when i need to play tours :D still one of my favorits xD
The first pro CS highlight you saw?
Damn,still have them on hdd :D and Mindtrack 2002 i think its calle...
Kick Stewie2k
Yeah,i think n0thing is born for that job. He is smart funny,still gr8 player and kinda guy who you can look up to.. :D