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Suarez real goat
he almost died 2 times already, getting hits to the head by nothing. retard
PUBG > Fortnite
I don't see pubg's number decrease, they are basically the same every day. However fotnite is just blowing up. But whatever :)
PUBG > Fortnite
Also, Fortnite is more appealing for a wider range of people, free to play, doesnt require same specs as pubg. Ofc it will get more players.
PUBG > Fortnite
Good for fortnite. Didn't claim which had more ;)
PUBG > Fortnite
It peaked at 2.5m today. u what
PUBG > Fortnite
Pubg peaked at 2.508.880 players on steam today. But ye, nobody plays it anymore.
Cloud9 vs SK
SK throwing to avoid Astralis moving on is happening
players who looks like autistic
Retarded topic, aimed only at hurting people, and not benefiting anyone but yourself low ass scums who come here and call people autistic looking. Have a nice day.
Denmark explain?
Nvm, just saw the flick :)
Denmark explain?
What's special about this clip?
Danish teams
Always respected and admired the success of NiP and Fnatic while Astralis(at that time, Dig, Tsm and questionmark?), were struggling. But we are just different that way i guess.
Space Soldiers vs
Top 1 team, nt
Thorin vs Konfig?
Obviously k0nfig is wrong in this - That's why - Thorin aswell going full retard for pointing out konfigs english.
Thorin vs Konfig?
Konfig should've stayed out of that thread, obviously misinterpreting the tweet, because he doesn't like thorin. Awkward situations when they'll meet at events and parties to come.
Why Astralis is suppose to be the #1 team
Lel, they have better teamplay with gla1ve than any other right now. They will only lose if they perform bad individually like in vegas.