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Why is pimp constantly hating
Bullies bully to protect themself from bullies.
Jet lag
NA teams bar just go really low when it does i guess. It also spikes high enough to beat astralis sometimes.
AMANEK most underrated player rn?
overrated like every french team
TOP-10 Players in your country?
1. HUNDEN 2. Bubzkji 3. acoR 4. hoeJ 5. shoosh 6-10 Astralis
Look at his arm, he is grapping the mouse when his aim moves. It's as stupid to me, to think major part of the scene hacks as to think the earth is flat. smh. People must be salty on the pros getting ...
ZywOo TOP 1
Do big events, more interesting: Edit: to source out low tier players.
gta sa > gta 5
Personal preference obviously. Nostalgia can sway many opinions, fact is GTA V is one of the greatest games ever made, smashing all sale records aswell. Probably same story for SA in it's primetime.
D0cC currently on 27 winstreak
To prove he wasn't hacking, faceit invited him to their HQ, where he went to play a few faceit games. People in FPL thought he hacked before that :-)
Liquid 50%
Fan of Hvid Neger, how is this even a legal player name in these day. To non-danish people: it means "white nig***"
Ye, they are good with AUG
astralis washed up
K, so they are washed up and only attending because they are invited. Funny how they are playing the final right now though. lmao
Top 5 Players from your Country?
Missing Rez
FaZe vs NRG
Might be to IGL, since niko does that.
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
Feel bad for krimz..