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Saints got robbed
-device +valde
Guess you didnt watch cs when device was a rifler. Easily the best rifler in denmark at that point. I'm sad he switched to awp.
Smart HLTV move
Smart HLTV move
Actually can't even argue with this flawless statistic pulled right here.
Smart HLTV move
lol, if anyone actually thinks it's a dead game, then idk
Smart HLTV move
I just said fair enough if this is just a troll post, and then pointed out too many people are dead serious. :))))
Smart HLTV move
I'm seing way too much of this simple vs device shit, people need to relax about this list. S1mple fans make it sound like their life cant go on if he doesn't get number one. Now fair enough if this i...
Smart HLTV move
He wont be number one, relax. And why give a fuck, everyone knows simple is worlds best player, who cares if it's based on achievements at that point, which it wont be. Now STOP MAKING topics about th...
now it's 1-1, 3rd map playing
no it's 1-0, scream won 26-23 it second OT
Blast - Are they retarded?
Based on that navi beat c9. So you can argue for both things. rules are rules. stupid to call them retarded
losing 16-2 making it to finals
Yes this is a troll answer. But it's also a stupid thread.
losing 16-2 making it to finals
They won 3 games and lost 2, which is better that 3 of the teams. Beat c9 who has the same points. Hope it makes sense now.
Astralis vs Liquid
Be thankful for Astralis. Without them NA would be laughing at EU for the last year. Hope for a more competetive EU scene next year.
feels wrong to say device is new though, he's been insane since 2015. He has just not gotten any achievements because of his teams semi chokes.