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steel wtf
Lol I know it isn't to much for european standards but for us is too cold cause the houses here are built with cement and blocks and usually don't have any kind of heating system.. I live in Osasco Sã...
steel wtf
I always do that when my hand gets cold I live in Southeast somedays temperatures get lower than 15C and the hands gets cold easy and it's very bad to aim!
Ok change the name for MIUS then!
It's just a fried egg or scrambled eggs (I prefer the egg as an omelet) in a toasted sandwich bread, sometimes with butter, sometime with grated black pepper, sometimes with cheese, and sometimes wit...
Brazilian usually eat a random breakfast, people used to like bread with ham and cheese like a toasted sandwich or bread with butter toasted usually with coffee and milk... I don't really care about m...
Keyboard topic
I have a Cooler Master Masterkeys PRO S TKL.. First to buy a mechanical keyboard you need to know which switch is better for you, you can do it buying a switch tester or going to a shop like in the US...
Downs syndrome
Now if u have cancer Marijuana cures it... fucking junkies!
best gaming headset
If you don't care about money I think the Sennheiser is the top notch brand in quality of products! Sennheiser GSP 600 or the GSP 670 which is Wireless!
Shut the fuck up you retard he's corrupt! He will be back in jail soon!
Brazilians on Renegades twitter
haha lol
hentai vs porn
The day I jerk off to an anime I will kill myself the next day!