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nice spam lol, reported.
Who cars?
i walk u fat fucks
Get rid of PIMP (part 27)
i hate his accent too, i cant stand up listening him, i always quit it when he is live
name one national hero
Blas De Lezo
techno music
and going to the bathroom to refill and find out the have cut the water line it gets me so mad everytime hahahaha
techno music
I just hope my jaw doesnt fall hahaha xD
techno music
yeaaah and friday I will go to Schlomo!! gonna be a guuuud weekend lmao
techno music
Yeah I had already heard it! I just hope this one is half as good as that one and I would be pleased hahaha.
techno music
Black water from Octave is must track. Tho I prefer some darker techno. Oscar Mulero, Paula temple, This saturday I will watch Ancient Methods and Regis live in Madrid. I hope it is a good one :)
org name means nothing. If u cant beat those tier 2-3 even if ur name is north or fnatic, u deserve to be out
WHERE is the TOP 20 PLAYS of 2018???
WHERE is the TOP 20 PLAYS of 2018???
last year was top20, fuck hltv lazy workers only make top 10 I AM ASKING FOR TOP 20 I KNOW THEY MADE TOP10 already
WHERE is the TOP 20 PLAYS of 2018???
no that is top20 players I mean top20 PLAYS Learn to read nub
kid julen from spain
Sometimes you read the father saw him falling, sometimes this theory, so many fake news and therefore everything is unclear
kid julen from spain
they did notice it, in fact one theory is that they were throwing dirt and rocks inside of it that is why there were rocks above the kid. The kid fell into the pit and they threw more dirt without kn...