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I live for the weekend, which is dedicated to EDM and games. Weekdays are a drag but i love my job especially if its paying for Tomorrowland and Ultra Festival. feel free to say hi or hit me up on my Instagram
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can you brain swap with all of my friends you get it unlike 99% of people no point trying to enforce it as itll "just be an attention thing"
you should make a big deal but deff dont let it be swept under the rug, came out as bi 3 years ago and never really dated more than 1 guy but a lot of girls and my frinds all make jokes like i grew ou...
i kinda agree with you in that there are constantly more umbrellas being made so as soon as you accept me for being gay im bi so im really offended you left me out of the gay thing then im pan etc, bu...
ScreaM transfer to Titan was €150,000
im not saying screamy is worth 150k but look at it in the way of sponsorship money you have a mediocre team with average sponsors then you bring in a world renowned aimer and say look what we have it ...
i bet on evyus at a mates house while i was drinking and idk why i must have switched it to fnatic
i was gonna bet mega low on envy but for some reason i picked fnatic i literally bet $2 so i had $0.4 return or someth like wtf but yeah it did seem too good to be true
Im really worried for Hltv
Got hit by a car :(
definitely seemed off but ive seen english people with way worse english skills so it was plausible you were just shitty at english and forgot what you were trying to write either wayy its whatever.
Got hit by a car :(
hope you are alright bud hope nothing is broken to stop you playing cs, i just got bit by an alsatian so all my wrist is bruised and this will heal faster than bones but it already sucks.
CPH Wolves vs CSGL
i feel like there are rounds where he gets the right spot and EVERYTHING goes his way but if he doesnt get the frag then he gets lost and makes bad decisions same as jkaem amazing if he gets the entry...
CPH Wolves vs CSGL
really glad i bet on twist to beat lounge gaming, feels like he could actually do more with 4 bots to use as he seems to be the only one no pushing for no reason.
Your age & role
chill dude got my name right therefore i like him
Envy vs NiP
yes my man gotta make some back after envy cost me over $300 vs G2