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Csgo - The Bests
1. woxic 2. Twistzz 3. Lekr0 4. GeT_RiGhT 5. S1mple
G2 vs FrenchFrogs
https://imgur.com/a/W8YqeMW Thank you for your tears, sir.
Epsilon vs Nemiga
That’s probably because that site is a live betting site. Meaning it updates frequently along the game. Csgofast bets is not. Csgofast bets just plays as a bot through the games. Regardless of how it ...
Epsilon vs Nemiga
So I bet $50 on Epsilon to win. I bet via csgofast, who are directly partnered with HLTV. After realizing that Nemiga had to forfeit because of the internet issues, I fully expected my bet to be canc...
Monstercat Fanboys come here
Favourite artist: Tristam Favourite song: FTW by Lets be Friends Golden Year: Defo 2014 Started listening in 2014.
thank r mr f0rest REZ
Just leave him. The brazilian gets confused when in discussion and results to toxicity towards the opponets favourite team #Facts
NiP vs NaVi
Nip and fnatic to EPL relegation
Why NIP fans are truly the worst fanbase
I think you're missing the point, mister. A person who's a fan of a team never corrupts them when they loose. The only NiP fans are those who sticks with them even if they loose. Heck, I've been an ...
i r8 ur name
EU Minor
NiP :(
It's #GONINJAS dude. This #RUN shit is kind of annoying.
NiP laugh thread
I said "flaming". Saying "rofl" or "LOL" or "hahahha" Isn't called flaming lol.
NiP laugh thread
So ironic that the only people flaming against NiP & NiP Fans are brazilians :)