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Please stop having raging political debates about which country is the best or worst. Every country has their good and bad side, no place is perfect. But that doesn't mean we can't change that. A lot of us tell ourselves that we are only one person and we can't change anything. That's not true. If everyone as an individual made an effort to change themselves and be a better person by treating others with love, kindness and respect; society will slowly start changing. Stop with the bigotry and try to understand where people are coming from. Make an effort to look at things from a different perspective instead of judging immediately. If someone is intentionally being a dick, just ignore them. Most of them are just trying to get attention and if they aren't given any they will get bored pretty quickly. If you want to discuss an issue with others keep it friendly and try not to let it descend into a 'shitfest'. Preach love instead of hate!

I don't vote for personalities , genders, shirt colors,pretty speeches or last names.
We are voting for #berniesanders because his political beliefs represent the kind of political revolution I have only been able to dream about in past elections. " If democrats recognize that Bernie Sanders is not just a slightly more left-wing fellow traveler of Clinton’s. This is not a contest to see who will lead the democrats, it’s a contest to see what kind of party the democrats are going to be in the coming decades, what ideology and what interests, causes, and issues the Democratic Party will prioritize. This makes it far more important than any other recent primary election. The last time a democratic primary was this important, it was 1976. Only this time, instead of Anybody But Carter or Anybody But Clinton, the left has Bernie Sanders–one representative candidate that it is really excited about. The chance may not come again for quite some time."
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Propaganda against Russia
Dude I can tell whats propaganda or not. But 1 think I like about RT is that their journalists sometimes talk about how the russian govt wants to push propaganda through them and they don't get fired ...
Top 1 when both guardian and olof's wrists are broken.
Dustin Mouret ELeague
Thats cuz he is a psychopath who wants to be fucked in the ass by n0thing
GOT Season 6 epidode 6
Yea but who is he and what leverage does he have?
GOT Season 6 epidode 6
I dont get who that chained guy was
GOT Season 6 epidode 6
Arya c;
nothing happened to arya, les be honest if she dies then her storyline would be useless.
LG and SK Drama?!
Still its fallen's fault for leading his team into this mess. But shouldn't he take the SK offer right now and leave the mlg cash. I bet he can get almost 100k per person.
Jair Bolsonaro
I don't think that's true, apparently there was a right wing coup against Dilma by making up a charge of violating budgetary rules and portraying it as corruption and take power by themselves, undemoc...
LG and SK Drama?!
I don't get what you are trying to say. Why would they don't want to go to SK if they didn't receive money from mlg? If they got the money from mlg then thats the reason they wouldn't need to go to SK...
I guess this doesn't count as a spoiler since it probably won't be mentioned on the show cuz its not that important. The three eyed raven is the bastard of Aegon Targaryen and also the hand of the kin...
LG and SK Drama?!
Fallen got greedy and tried to fuck their org and sign for SK behind LG's back. I guess they needed money desperately. But after the major they said nah we don't need money anymore. I wonder what ...