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Israel lockdown
go check lebanon women you uncultured swine. at least middle east girls aren't as fat as the cows you breed in that shithole you call 1st world country
Haha naah don't think they know hltv even exists
people see this "fiché S" as terrorist all the time it's hilarious. i met people in a protest that are handicapped , all fiché S , they have wheelchairs and got fiched S by the police for doing an ill...
proof? everywhere i looked there is no proof it was millions. and tbh there is no excuse to be idiots. i hate french algerians and i'd piss on their head if i could.
has been happening for decades now. they brought north africans to work in shit jobs and mines and dangerous places. and now they cry that the grand kids of those people didn't assimilate. While know...
just antifa and black blocks doing what they usually do. and don't worry french born algerians and other scum will come to use the chaos to steal shit as usual.
Rate arabian song
i rate it 6/10 , and i'm surprised by the lack of racism in this thread. hltv sure has changed. niice
the thing that angers me the most is that they were keeping banks hostage with the messages of him being homophobic. literally messages from 10 years ago. Just so he can keep quiet. he is a cunt and s...
RL rekts Gaules
Everyone in the brazilian community crying about racism and xenophobia. which is wrong ofc. Never forget how many incidents happened because of brazilian community. Hiko having to get bodyguards to c...
Move to EU?
Don't care sweetie. i love france more than my home country. i respect it and want it to flourish. Liberté, égalité, fraternité