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socialism won today
Doesn't really matter how high taxes are, what matters is how much you get back. If high taxes makes healthcare, education etc free, it's already worth it. Here in the NL taxes get higher and higher,...
Tap water
Dutch tap water exactly same as bottled water I remember a tv show where a dutch family switched for a poor African one, and they were freaking out if someone was pouring a glass of water while letti...
socialism won today
Switserland or Norway obviously.
Unpopular Opinion Thread
Yeah witcher 3 main game sucks balls imo, one of the best games ever though for me is the expansion blood and wine, much more atmosphere, depth and proper story. Witcher 3 without expansions I would ...
Wat is je punt? Beetje rare snuiter jij.
He's right about Lefties destroying our civilization importing Islam, but ofc you cannot slaughter people like that.
More than 2 genders
It just proves that they cater to retards in some US states. You're male or female, deal with it.
More than 2 genders
dont like beer
it's disgusting, just drink cocktails
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNMXSKfWfLQ clearly #1
189 cm 115 kg
193 93, ez
Sad times for Sweden
But the person itself is controlling the aids spread
Sad times for Sweden
Globalists are like persons with Aids that continue to have sex, still, the main problem is obviously Aids in the first place, aka Islam.
type nigger when you talk about a word, you retard. You're opressing yourself.