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Vitality vs LeftOut
LeftOut vs Vitality
EU Minor Open Qualifier #1 Ro16
best guitar solo of all time? U2- All I want is you @ 3:45 Melodically perfect, solo's don't have to be overly technical.
Merc is just superior, and when you try to overperform in a car, you will make mistakes, since you have to push it too hard. Schumacher had the same issue in 1997 and during his comeback. Hamilton ju...
/r watchppldie
Only mentally disturbed people watch it.
LeftOut vs Vitality
thanks a lot !
LeftOut vs Vitality french aids :(
Minor quals enjoy french caster because esl hates english
Merkel > Trump
Irrelevant. Merkel letting in millions of refugees who then can freely enter my country was my point.
Merkel > Trump
I'm obviously talking about Western/South EU.
Merkel > Trump
You are lucky there is water between you and the rest of EU
cache worst map
-cache +mp_dawnville -overpass +mp_carentan -dust2 +mp_harbor map problem solved.
Merkel > Trump
"please leave" yeah that will surely stop them. We can't do more with EU rules. Clearly you're retarded, I'm done, have a nice day and I hope you are the first one to be bombed when a 'refugee' does ...
Merkel > Trump
German borders = European borders....We have no 'borders' between countries anymore.