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200kg deadlift?
My 1 leg is like 2cm shorter than the other, I cannot find the proper balance deadlifting as I cannot keep my spine right, same with squats. (it's my upper leg so standing on something won't help, be...
Political Ideology
Yep, and sadly politically, there is no party anymore that is rational about the environment/migration isue AND is left economically. The NL used the have a lot of left parties, Groenlinks (the crazy...
Political Ideology
Yes, "Global Warming" is all about control, directed by the IPCC of the UN. It's funny that the same people that recognized (Every discussion while young at school as atheist always pointed to the f...
Political Ideology
Left in the proper meaning, you know, economic/social left without the environmental-hysteria and migrant-loving of today. So this means I am right-wing today, funny as it sounds. Right is much more '...
Happy doesn't cheat anymore Remember his aim from 2015, there's no way he would become so bad, he's worse than lvl 10 faceit players currently, without an explanation offered. People always say his ...
The least Age?
At this point it wouldn't hurt to randomly toss in a general easy question about the party-program when voting. Voting should be 21+ ( or even 25+) anyway and not 16 or 18, these people generally ar...
Poland ruined the EU internet?
The biggest tech companies simply bought EU votes, what else is new.
Democrats fucked up
CNN colluded to let Hillary win, Fox colluded to let Trump win, Hillary colluded with the Saudi's to gain more campaign money (= foreign influence just as well). Face it, being supported by foreign m...
how does new fantasy work
You have to either be there when the timer runs out, or have players make a pre-draft. Our last league got ruined since we didnt make a predraft = you get locked into 5 random players, so had to rem...
the true islam
One bomb on that bag would actually be nice yes, remove the cancer of the earth all at once.
Groenlinks voters are gullible idiots following whatever our leftist media tells them. Calling FvD climate change deniers as something of an insult is a typical example of this, no thought went into t...
the true islam
Your 'example' is a murdering pedo so I really doubt your views mean anything. isis = part if islam, deal with it.
Groenlinks lmfao, typical
Finally a proper winner
fat pro nicknames
sex god