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Got raped :(
woman use a dildo in ur ass and ur not raped by that? retarded
Fallen Greedy
pfff, idk where you are from but 31$ for a t-shirt+meeting with sk are fine for the brazilian standards besides what u can do in max, which is a esports arena/lan house whatever u wanna call, somethin...
Fallen Greedy
its not just a simple meeting with sk, how hard is it for you to understand? at this point i gotta think that u are making urself look dumb on porpuse, they are going to max 5, a giant gaming arena in...
Fallen Greedy
welcome to capitalism
u think c9 doenst have this money? they are one of the richest org in the world
u are retard if u think c9 cant backup their csgo players with 25k contract if they want to
SK in 2018 KNG awper FALLEN IGL cold fer felps ez top 1 imt boltz igl steel lucas hen1 chelo
Katie Laedecky
she is ugly as a motherfucker but yeah very talented in swinming
transgenders surely should have their own genre coz they are not normal people
DaZeD: my team will be top 5
top 5 at his building
new org for ex Ibuypower
i wonder the retard who is going to invest on that shit
YTF > coldzera
Argentina tutehen 83.0% Most rounds with contribution Miami Flamingos RANKING 1. SK SK 2. Astralis Astralis 3. FaZe FaZe 4. Gambit Gambit 5. G2 G2 Complete ranking Last updated: 24th of Jul EVENTS ...
gambit salary
pretty estabilished in my world means havin a lcs spot, sorry, russia LoL is irrelevant
SK are done?
if u think sk was at their best at this major u are a moron
gambit salary
was pretty estabilished in lol, not anymore