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Cloud9 vs FaZe
You seriously have to calm your tits and look out a window for a change. You have like 10+ comments in this thread with shit faze and shit rain. Faze didn't play well, but they won. Rain didn't play w...
Cloud9 vs FaZe
Well said!
FaZe vs Cloud9
Take a look at the mirage game and tell me if that is noobs. Maybe the best executed mirage play ive ever seen. Fucked up the veto and still won the BO3.
FaZe vs Cloud9
The Cloud9 that have showed up for this playoff looks really scary and has been a joy to watch! If they met any other team than my boy rain, i would be cheering for them! This is no easy win for faze....
NiP vs FaZe
Remove your bandwagon fan logo. Clueless inbreed.
Dignitas vs mousesports
lol xD
kNg pussy
I hear yah getting sick and tired of racist monkey comments, still another level than what you were throwing. Toilet cleaner is around the same racism and are thrown equal as much. But im not cut out...
kNg pussy
Ofcourse a brilliant..i mean a brazilian response...
kNg pussy
Second time you bring up WW2, what the fuck is wrong with you? Your country wasn't involved in that war but you would be humiliated as every other european country against at the time worlds best war...
FaZe fans or Astralis haters?
Well, people like to see favorites loose. I myself used to root for Astralis who had been so close for a looong time to finally get a deserved title. Now they are used to titles and i no longer envy t...
If you concider those 6 beautiful, were the fuck have you been going out the past week :/. First of all, some of them are fuckin children... And what you see there is the average norwegian look. But f...
Heroic vs
My god...just don't. I pity your fellow countrymen who's not full retard in the comment sections, but unfortunately theres so many of you. People like you is the reason "noone" outside Brazil roots fo...
FlipSid3 vs Heroic
We surrendered aswell with our bow and arrows vs the n1 warcmachine in the world at that time, but still that comment was brilliant xD
faze lineup?
- Maikelele + Niko and they would have a killer lineup. Fox is a better awper than Maikelele. Always wished that NiP would sign rain and jkaem over friberg and allu/ now pyth. Eventho im no nip fan...
LGB vs fnatic
LGB,please stop those high risk / high reward peeks as CT, since for you it's 10 of 10 times high risk / no reward.And eventho Maikelele is a good fragger please start support the mid pushes,even my l...