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Android mostly to be blamed
Its not like Android is this hugely experienced player who never makes poor decisions or mistakes. This is his first major attendance and hes managed to make Top 8 so id say he did well enough. Also ...
If karrigan gets kicked
+KRiMZ -RobbaN +Seang@res
NaVi should kick Edward
S1mple is literally someone who has built a career around taking the AWP role from other AWPers. He took it from WorldEdit on Flipsid3, He took it from adreN on Liquid and hes taken it from GuardiaN o...
Snax Or Styko???
Mouz were *inconsistent* top 2 team. Sure they always managed playoffs, but they were never really able to take that final step and win tournies. Removing STYKO was the right move, but Snax wasnt the ...
NaVi should kick Edward
Nah he wasn't. Edward was the only one who didn't want it to happen
NaVi should kick Edward
What part of that do you get "s1mple wants to rifle" from?
no u
nobody cares anymore
Post ctrl+v
I agree that a change would be horrible, but REZ has atleast shown that he can be a star player among the best while Dennis just rarely has this really high peak then 6 months of mediocrity. Yes hes p...
-dennis +twist
He wasn't. Dennis in 2017 was equally as mediocre as Dennis in 2018. He peaked with Astralis but was a huge weakness to fnatic once flusha and JW came back (especially on LAN)
-karrigan +???
With MiBR making Top 8, I dont see it happening anymore. MiBR are actually improving since the tarik addition and can go further
-karrigan +???
FaceIt Major 2018 ;)
-dennis +twist
Remember when everybody thought Dennis was a top 3 swedish player after his over performance with Astralis? lmao
TOP 25: The Best CS:GO Players (2018)
*Making :)