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Its Renegades at a major Dont get your hopes too high just yet
Karrigan after the Major?
Cajunb has been one of OpTics best players????
BIG official -nex ;/
It was Calyx he had beef with
Rosters 2K19
>Leaving Twistzz out Surely troll post
VP rebuild
Kap3r IGL'd in Kinguin for a bit, but not very long
Retired vs A4E
0.72 highest rated player lmao
Grayhound vs Kinguin
Funny how despite all you've said, this is only the 2nd time an AU team has ever made playoffs at a global challenge How they've performed elsewhere is even worse
top1 choker of 2018
Bravado vs ENCE
flusha cheated
No they don't just simply wait for VAC to ban players - That wasn't what i meant at all. I was saying that tournament organizers also respond to VAC bans with their own bans
flusha cheated
Valve hasn't banned any players at all, atleast not for cheating. Their anti-cheat however, has. Its when a pro gets caught by the anti-cheat and VAC banned that all the leagues and sponsors find out ...
How to dethrone Astralis
So instead of just accepting their opinions are stupid and worthless and continuing scrolling, you get defensive and argue it? Fren, you're an expert HLTV user
How to dethrone Astralis
At which part did my comment stop being satire to you
Bravado vs ENCE
fnatic vs NiP fnatic will pull off a 2-1 win, barely defeating the overdog in NiP thanks to a godlike performance from JW and znajder
How to dethrone Astralis
I have this very very difficuly and particular strat in mind that only the true GOAT's of CSGO will ever be able to understand and stand a chance of pulling off. Its the 1 trick guaranteed to dethrone...