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Hiko's run..
Does Hiko run? anyone cumfurm?
tis woman 100‰ bich
is it okay i had a boner when he said 'the robot slaps the mother'
Stewie is the BEST..
giggity giggity.
Massacre on gay nightclub
Nice logic there dummy.
Massacre on gay nightclub
Yea as i said in the reply before this you try too hard to look cool. You are disgusted by homophobes yet you yourself hate a religion probably more than you love your 2 fathers, oh the irony, it w...
Massacre on gay nightclub
You're trying way way too hard to be smart, let me tell you something, you aren't, idc about ur discussion about homophobes but you try too hard to look cool using some fancy unnecessary words and try...
Phantomlords GF. . . . . . . .
Implying playboy pictures aren't photoshopped lmao. even Hollywood edits its movies/pictures, why wouldn't playboy edit its pictures?
Just cleaned my dick ama
You clearly don't understand the difference between mental illnesses and ideologies versatility. Im fake flagging btw:)
Just cleaned my dick ama
I'm just here trying to figure out how could a human being put such a thread, you seriously have to have a mental illness or just pure childish.
just got a hold of flusha's hax disturbutor.
What. The. Fuck.
Japan's culture is definitely weird though, they believe in some really really dumb stuff, worse than religions even. Their waifus and shit, they take it too seriously and they are suffering from l...
What. The. Fuck.
They are the first to publish animes with 12yo or less girls with huge boobs and spreading pedophelia though..
Girlfriend importance
Okay last reply, Sex doesnt come at 'the start of a relationship', if it does, im not saying its always a bad sign, but it is indeed a bad sign, you dont take a girl just because she satisfied your se...
Girlfriend importance
Btw what you just said doesn't give sex any good position really, its not a probleme untill its not there, you're right, doesnt mean you have to build the relation around it, sex is necessary, most im...
Girlfriend importance
Yeah, thats exactly what teens think. you ll know better when u grow old, im done answering here(sorry) have to go.