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Why is Sweden so bad at CS atm?
true. fnatic will probably become a top 6 team in time but never undisputed no.1 like before. They cant do the 2015 shit anymore, just like u said. NiP needs drastic changes to become a elite level...
Why is Sweden so bad at CS atm?
sorry to break it to you but NiP is a shit org and has been so for the last 3 years
Why is Sweden so bad at CS atm?
yes, i totally agree with you. No team has ever worked as hard as LG did. Even when fnatic was at its best, their commitment to the game wasnt even close to LGs. Swedish teams work ethic isnt even clo...
Why is Sweden so bad at CS atm?
Good orgs replace the players that are washed up.
Why is Sweden so bad at CS atm?
we have 0 good orgs. i am really jelly about the danish orgs, they all seem great in terms of infrastructure etc. They treat cs like any other sport and provide the necessary things a team needs to ha...
cry is free sweeds
In NiP's case this is really good for them. They need to go out in groups several times for their org to understand that roster changes is needed. As long as they go to the quarters they will think th...
NiP vs Astralis
That shot from Fribbe lol
indeed, what has sweden ever done in CS lol? worst cs country by far
If NiP beat Astralis
ez for nip
This. Why doesn't the good, promising and hungry players of epsilon get picked up by the top 3 swedish teams? Swedish scene is way to much "i wanna play with people i've played with before" right now....
fnatic vs
maps: fnatic ban nuke vp ban cache fnatic pick mirage VP pick overpass fnatic ban train VP ban inferno leaves cobble as last map fnatic gets rekt 2-0 ez for vp. thank me later for spot on pr...
NiP vs Cloud9
the battle of the trashcans lul low level cs, enjoy bois
ez for yzn
nip rooster change
i didnt even know that NiP had a rooster, they got a farm or something?
nice bruh