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Trocadero during working days, julmust on the weekend.
Logitech and their mices is luv. Been using them since mx510 with some smaller escapades with steelseries. Been using the GPW for over a year and love it. Recently got the GPX but have not had time ...
Why device 3K usp not a graffiti ?
I think f0rest have some nice pistol clips and would like a word with these kids...
Dignitas vs EC Kyiv
Goat f0rest still tearing it up.
1920x1080 best res??
Ah, ultrawide master race. I play on 3840x1600, Lg38gn950 160Hz. Harder t hit but games overall look and feel better on 21:9.
Aleksib u got 6 months
Fun and firepower > Consistency, good CS - ENCE
Any older CS players (45+) around here?
Yeah the older I get the more I understand about the importence of family. I will probably enjoy the adventure of keeping up with my kids interests, then I will enjoy them sharing mine :)
Any older CS players (45+) around here?
Must be a great time, I am 31 and have three little ones that I hope will still share thier time with thier old daddy when they are way grown up.
swedish scene hope
I think many don't know or have forgotten that Olof had an injury affecting nerves back when he was still in fnatic. He never got back his skill or confidence to the 2015-levels. Same thing with Guar...
Vitality vs NIP
Naawk out of shape, give him some time to get back in action.
oBo’s statement
The timing for when these things happend also play a role in how, subjectively, the community react to such things. In s1mple case the state of CS as a professional work was not as developed in 2016-...
oBo’s statement
You are twisting and interpret what I mean pretty far from what I wrote and extrapolate it into absurdities like oBo is not allowed to get sick. Why you do this I don't understand the reason for. I m...
BOOM vs Sharks
Sharks played well, Suplex or luken MVP on Mirage.