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Swole Patrol vs Singularity
idk why but I feel like singularity can take this
Twistzz giving his opinion
as I said it's 19' IBP got lucky to get some top10 teams to play here because people want to get some lan practice after break and before major... esl being a pump money machine as you said benefits...
Twistzz giving his opinion
it's 2019 mate, you would think that these type of amateur production events would still happen 7-8 years ago not now. this will be a lesson for any pro team to choose more carefully where they send t...
rain leaves FaZe?
6 figures SALARY? bruh
JDM64 to liquid
bad idea bad bad bad adren is a pretty good awper its just that he's being hold back beacuse of ingame calling.if you give him free reins he's one of the best i would say top 3 na
I just have one problem with him that keeps happening way too often at this level. FOX PLS CHECK THE GOD DAMN CORNERS MAN!
let's just kick the IGL and stone of TSM for a pimple. GOOD LOGIC MATE
kennyS Grill
atta boy kenny. get in there
hltv wants me to date ukraine ladies xD
ukrainian females are fucking hot bruh
NiKo will join ...
what game is that? pick a boo here's my dick?
Venom vs eLevate
tank your sister? BRUH
LG fl0m ?
I have this feeling that LG will make some roster changes in maximum three months maybe two. don't get me wrong I want this team to work but i don't see ptr working with this team for a long time
pasha is now VP IGL
pasha as IGL
what's a moe
Favoutite pornstar