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Gen.G vs Chaos
Chaos last week beat both 100 Thieves and Furia, so not exactly trash.
Gen.G vs Chaos
Mirage Train Nuke /Chaos favored
EG World #1 tomorrow?
You're right. Maybe not more than 2. Corrected. Couple of things to consider: 1. Form accounts for some % of points and recent form has dropped off. 2. Most of the time they've been #1 has been durin...
EG World #1 tomorrow?
#1 Evil Geniuses #2 Vitality #3 BIG #4 Heroic #5 Liquid
Evil Geniuses vs FURIA
I have to agree with the other guy. Look at Furias record on Mirage: 100% over 13 maps. EG should ban Mirage. Of course, the counter point is EG must tend not to ban Mirage and Furia just tends not to...
100 Thieves vs Chaos
Vertigo and Overpass banned. Nuke, Inferno, and Dust2 will probably be the maps. Could be close, but edge has to go to 100-Thieves, although Chaos has shown game.
Trump Voters
There's always going to be animals in the zoo. Usually it's not a problem. But, if you give one of them the keys to their cages, he's going to let them out. Trump let the animals out of their cages. H...
Google is biased
Where you're mistaken is the point where you insert *guns* and link that to outrage. Nobody is suggesting that if some guy is waving around a gun and threatening people that the police aren't justi...
Google is biased
I don't really see it as disrespectful to others. I see it as it just happens to be him. It could just as easily have been the gal who was shot in her apartment, or the guy shot in the back. It's a ti...
Google is biased
I agree. I don't see him as a hero either. He was 'the last straw', basically. There's along history here of the police going entirely too far, especially with minorities. Things need to change. It wa...
Google is biased
That you have to focus on "he's served time and has been a criminal" is a poor way to excuse the fact that he was murdered. The cops were in the wrong here. It ultimately doesn't matter if he was 'sa...
Liberalism is a cult
Can't renounce being white. You are or aren't. Closest thing you can do is take melanin injections. Outside that it's just a symbol of support. However, to the larger point: If liberalism is equated...