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Astralis and Liquid
lolz... funny as hell!
Major Final Winner
Still thinking Astralis most likely the winner. Against either Liquid or Renegades is my guess at the moment.
best major grandfinals
Pretty much agree with this list by OP. I personally preferred the Cloud9/Faze one with NiP/Fnatic being the second, but either way. Both were great.
Cloud9 roster
You could replace Rush. I don't think we know this soon whether or not Zellsis would be good to replace or to keep. If you were to take a chance, then these two for Brehze and Ethan. I don't see that ...
Rate girl
She looks way too young to me. She can't be more than 13 or 14.
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Renegades 2-3
They're currently looking like a semi-final bound team.
Harry Pottter or LOTR
Depends on mood. For light fare, HP. When I want to get my serious fantasy on, LOTR.
Renegades 2-3
You think Vitality will beat Renegades easily? If I were to bet money, I'd put it on Renegades beating Vitality. If Vitality pulls it out, it won't be "easy".
ScreaM tier1 team
They'll never crack the top 10, is my guess.
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Renegades 2-3
I'm not a bettor. My guess is they have a 75-85% chance of getting through to the playoffs.
Renegades 2-3
Very low. I think they'll go 3-1 or 3-2 and get in .
R8 my life
I go to work and THEN start watching the matches at work. Then, I get off work 9 hours later and finish watching matches.
Astralis major run so far
Complexity is the worst team to EVER attend a Major? I don't think so. You just start watching them? BTW: They did get 9 rounds on the #1 team in the world. Perhaps the worst team at THIS Major, but n...