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FaZe coldzera
bad move in my opiniom one more old and tired team
COLD Is really hard to focus on the sniper when calling that's why FalleN can't play two good tournaments in a row And KNG had a good competitive energy how miss a lot in FalleN
-fln -taco +kng +fnx
The Argentina right back (Foyet) cant hold Everton it will be a massacre
worst pro aimer?
probably TACO
Leftists illogical mind
Kscerato lol
Nowday kids cant survive to the old 1.6/Source lans
Infinite racist?
snowflakes cucktards everywhere
Top 5 EU countries to Live in
What to say about Estonia? It's a good country?
What to say about Estonia?
You will see it works when muslims dominate Europe with five children a year your social security will fail and show you what socialism is some of you Europeans leftists are too dumb and do not see th...
What to say about Estonia?
They are in Brazil our "social security" is broken and our politics raised the supreme court salary Italy i dont know very well but the country is really bureaucratic thats what people say
TACO overrated ?
MIBR trio is looking for excuses for so long taco wasnt the problem and will not be the solution
TACO / Opinions
He's bad everyone will hate him again mibr problem are the core players focus on the game they burnout so fast of the game after two good tournaments again and again
sick stream so many good highlights and wallbangs
If your job is die for the trade kills i do not think its a smart role you can see how dumb he's in clutch rounds