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kobe dead..
Sad for the children rich or not the daughter was only 13 years old and the others less.
Jair Bolsonaro
Yes because the Brazilian army dictatorship save the country from another dictatorship led by communists, nothing even in the earth killed more than communism by the other hand the Brazilian dictators...
Meyern german?
its dont matter you create a fake image in your mind, Brasil is more white than a lot of countries, the football players are black cuz football is the salvation for poor people and most of the people ...
Meyern german?
Are you completely wrong we have more white people than Argentina and Uruguay in Brasil our population is about 250 millions and Argentina 70 if we have 30% of white people is more than Argentina.
FaZe coldzera
bad move in my opiniom one more old and tired team
COLD Is really hard to focus on the sniper when calling that's why FalleN can't play two good tournaments in a row And KNG had a good competitive energy how miss a lot in FalleN
-fln -taco +kng +fnx
The Argentina right back (Foyet) cant hold Everton it will be a massacre
worst pro aimer?
probably TACO
Leftists illogical mind
Kscerato lol
Nowday kids cant survive to the old 1.6/Source lans
Infinite racist?
snowflakes cucktards everywhere
Top 5 EU countries to Live in
What to say about Estonia? It's a good country?
What to say about Estonia?
You will see it works when muslims dominate Europe with five children a year your social security will fail and show you what socialism is some of you Europeans leftists are too dumb and do not see th...