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lol? you know that you were lucky af to get those two goals ? also in 1st half croatia played much better than you guys. In 2nd half croatia seemed to be tilted or smth they were looking not even clo...
Espiranto crybaby
also they already have won 2 majors with pronax? whats your point? he was against krystal from the start on without even trying that much (they even won a fucking tournament by that):
Africas first WC win gz
yes development help from france very political
new super team
i thought ez is coach?
new super team
norwegen and no cromen? xD
Croatia its a joke
how they rich final
yep 2 lucky goals ^^ and 2 tilt goals are very very well predicted you betting god same as betting on roulette on red
Referee 2x1 Croatia
yep the ball landed on the head of mandzukic and it slipped through to the goal but tbh the freekick itself was a weird situation
Referee 2x1 Croatia
the 2nd goal imo was fair but the first one not really. But both goals were just lucky af
Cromen overrated
fack xD
Cromen overrated
Any player with good aim and good behaviour could have been playing for faze and still perform such as cromen, because faze has a super good team chemistry like e.g. in astralis that people feel very ...
Cromen overrated
stew and autimatic made both worse teams better, cold was also a great player before that in other teams. Ropz was reking everyone in faceit and worth being added. Also all these teams added them beca...
Cromen overrated
thats correct
Cromen overrated
ok then tell me why you would put him in big teams yet? he has achieved nothing in teams he was 100% in and did not even perform that well, so he relies on teams that are already working good just nee...
Cromen overrated
Hes a good player like i said but hes not that good. Remember he still was a standin and did not play in the team as a main player. Remember when he was in dignitas (his first good team has fixed in) ...