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War is inevitable
You mean those countries don't have war on THEIR soil, right? America is by far the biggest warmongerer on the planet. A huge part of their GDP is derived from selling weapons to nations, declaring wa...
socialism won today
Calling Sweden socialist in 2019... dude you seriously need to look beyond the labels that media and other institutions use. Sweden today is a neoliberal superdupercapitalist society. It has quite few...
The best band is...
Pink Floyd... no real contest here folks. They're like... objectively the best.
Gf is a bitch?
Be firm and clear with how you feel. If she is not responsive to that honesty, get the hell out. No joke.
Rip Sweden
The problem is feminism and postmodernism. A few decades ago Sweden was, without much competition, the most successful country in the world in terms of social welfare and progress. The biggest reason ...
Female CS
I don't know if anyone, man or woman, is supported in their wish to play video games haha :D It's not exactly the safest way to success in the traditional sense. I just think boys pick it up more bec...
Female CS
Me being 30+ and having a lot of friends who just became parents, my perspective is that this is simply not true. First of all there's a lot of women in Sweden who view feminism as their religion and ...
Female CS
I don't think I did say that with any conviction. I said "probably" as it's not proven or evident at this point. However there is the case that all video game pros are men. That means something. And i...
Female CS
Regarding equality of opportunity you're quite uninformed if you think women have less opportunity in a country like Sweden. They have more. If you can't see that I highly suggest you go read up on th...
Female CS
How are women not being given a chance to prove themselves? That's something you can ALWAYS point to whenever and wherever women underachieve. That it's because of the "patriarchy" or some bullshit li...
Female CS
This is just complete bullcrap. Men and women are not the same. And as a Swedish person you should know better than to swallow the bullshit that women are oppressed. In our country men are the oppress...
Why hate refugees?
Divide et impera. Please go read up on history and how powerful people have stayed in power. It's a subtle artform. If you're buying into the xenophobia you are just a sheep. Plain and simple.
I agree with OP on the big picture. Communism is the end goal, an evolution from capitalism if you will. But it's probably not possible to make work fully yet, it definitely wasn't possible in Russia ...
[*] Fifflaren
Less likely to be feminist
Fascist or feminist?
It's a waste of time trying to talk to people like you. Be advised that more and more men are waking up to what feminism is and the result will be worse for everyone in the future. This is very seriou...