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Top 6 99,998% safe
1. s1mple 2. device 3. NiKo 4. dupreeh 5. eletronic 6. NAF
All 5 Astralis players in top 13
Rofl, like fnatic didn't have star players back in their era. olof being the best in the world, flusha always a top 5 player back then and krimz who was one of the finest riflers (and still is), JW a...
Best city worldwide
I've visited quite amount of cities, and by far the no.1 for me is Munich.
Worst pro nicknames ?
nothing will ever match the stupidness of the disco doplan nickname.
Put Smooya in PRISON
one little disagreement and whole fucking scene goes crazy about it. how sad is this csgo scene srsly rofl
How do you write "4" and "7"?????
coldzera 2.0
fatter version of steel
still, c9 needs to dump both styko and golden if they want to be a top 5-6-7 team. there is just a big lack of firepower in that team at the moment.
how is france a 1st world country. holy fucking shit, like a bunch of neanderthals.
WC Format...
Croatia was better than Russia. It is a fact, no matter how boring the match was.
WC Format...
Also, a reminder that Croatia was better than their opponents in ALL 5 games they played so far, unlike Portugal in 2016.
WC Format...
And this is the main proof of people who simply don't understand football, they make their conclusions based solely on results. Please, don't talk about something you don't understand at all. Spain l...
France - Belgium 2-1 England - Croatia 1-2
BIG vs Liquid
it is so sad to watch BIG. always have been.
Faze original lineup
oh yeah