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MIBR vs Gen.G
what? that doesn't make any sense lol. im pretty sure people at GenG told the players to cover up their headphones, since logitech is sponsoring GenG and it would be weird if players actually showed ...
MIBR vs Gen.G
lol at GenG players covering the brand of their headphones because they are not wearing logitech ones. why don't they have logitech headphones tho (since they are one of the sponsors of geng)?
GODSENT vs Spirit
these last few rounds by godsent - absolutely awful
LDLC/nV vs fnatic
meh, that team had enough time to adapt with sunny in the team - it just looks they will never get solid again and should change something
i agree that VT played trash, that's why ENCE needed to win, but they gave away so many Xv1 situations in the 2nd half which just shows that they are a loser team. vitality always was and will be a be...
wtf sergej
yeah i don't know wtf were they doing that 2nd half on dust2
wtf sergej
i've put 2-1 score for ence, ez 5.75 coff. and then ence proceeds to lose two 2v1s, and sergej forgets to buy an ak last round of the match. of course :D
Air Pods Pro <3
you just could've answered yes to my question.
Air Pods Pro <3
that is such an utterly stupid thing to say. you think people buy wireless because... of someones suggestion of what they should use? Are you a legit moron?
Air Pods Pro <3
you don't have a single fucking clue about apple products, you moron. i've bought an iphone because of the other things (including an iOS itself), not because it is an apple brand. i got a Macbook A...
NATO bombing Yugoslavia 1999
wtf do you know about that war? so many moronic kids from balkan hating on each other and speaking about the war they don't know a single fucking clue because they weren't alive then. seriously, find...
Liquid kicking NAF
that, my friend, is what liquid should've done in the first place. bringing tim instead of stewie would have been a better choice.
R8 lasagna
would eat 8/8
Yeah, that's what I've been saying ever since Stew joined Liquid. Autimatic would've been a better pick up.