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No one would have the same chance if he wasnt that famous... talk about double standarts
mouz tarik
I dont know why people shit on karrigan that much, he is still one of the best IGLs possible. I wouldnt mind him in fnatic aswell, replacing Xizt.
people are farming souvenir drops on multiple devices lul
TACO = monkey
its not even racist, its his actual IQ
Balkan people
You act like your country is anything different than the ones you've mentioned. Nice try, Ahmed.
Balkan people
Why turks are mass migrating to Germany? Why mexicans are going to America? Really low tier bait.
Cant wait for Major
Tomorrow is not even the major, its the qualifier for the real major. Ofc Valve decided to call it 'major' for some reason.
TACO Tweet
the hat part is pretty funny though he is saying he doesnt have a problem playing without hat but at the same time he whines about it. he needs to shave it off, passed that point years ago.
TACO Tweet
Im pretty positive that TACO is one of the most retarded pros in twitter
x-kom vs Windigo
Being transfer listed doesnt mean they are not contracted still. Throwing games left and right is not professional at all.
She was kinda edgy though, she had atleast few more previous bans
Vitality vs G2
3 afternoon, currently at the office :(
Vitality vs G2
Did you just wake up? :D This game is even more NA friendly than EU friendly ffs
Vitality vs G2
shox is someone who can drop 30 drops per map in these type of games then go MIA for half a year LUL My 6th sense is saying 3 maps and G2 close to win.
Swole Patrol vs Spacestation
imagine losing to DAVEY