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K1oN, faker, dukiii BANNED
So I tried to make a edit on a clip real quick!
I have some demos u can get hold of if u need clips.
Top 5 players you cant hate
Kuben Taz Pasha S1mple Hiko FalleN
nV no respect
OMG all of them care about LG and dont care about their team and about their crying fans.Kick that fucking nbk and bright back shox. Happy and shox again friends just nbk dont like shox. Fucking nbk g...
Guess the moment game
Forest on DD2 when he got a knife kill
Friend rape about polish
Post a picture of where you are from :)
u can.
Post a picture of where you are from :)
Fredrikstad, Norway
How to save C9
I want to agree on that, but it really isn't. These teams you are listing could've just gone in and been like ''Alright boys, this team is only a week old, let's just practice the bad sides of our gam...
How to save C9
''personal talk with him and he was telling me that their scrims with other NA teams in the EPL were going really well.'' NA is going into scrims with the mindset that ''Oh, we are going to win this,...
Norway, Sweden, or Finland ?
+1 can confirm
Pro players you don't respect?
Interesting thread u got here m8, idk, ill find some players by the end of the night. Only one that comes to mind is the Fnatic squad back with MOODII when they trashed talked NiP at DreamHack Buchare...
How does the expert panel remember eveything?
thought someone would say that
How does the expert panel remember eveything? g0dw4rd