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Top 5 dumbest fangroups
All fanboys are as bad as each other. SK, Faze, fnatic fans get the most hate because people are more likely to post about their team when they are winning, that's why you see so many comments from ...
She is joking right?
Faceit is harder than global only due to more people playing with teams in faceit, global have a lot of decent players but lack good comms.
She is joking right?
Obviously we are talking about people with many matches on faceit, who gives a fuck about people who have like 10 matches on faceit, they're outliers and do not represent the larger group. Sure there ...
She is joking right?
Level 10 I agree, level 6 mixes like that guy said I disagree with.
Fps help
What ram do you have? If one of your sticks is damaged this can be the thing causing your stutters, a way to check would be by removing your sticks of ram one by one and checking if the problem persis...
She is joking right?
She is joking right?
I think he is overexaggerating, top female CS teams do however get beaten by teams ranked around 50th of the male pro scene.
Switzerland is smart, incredibly hard to become a citizen for outsiders.
black panther movie
Can someone who has seen it answer these questions. 1. Is the main enemy just a reskin of the good guy 2. Does the good guy get his ass handed to him by the bad guy just to then train a little and ga...
good series
Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective Agency. Weird name I know but it's amazing, don't Google too much about it because you really don't want to spoil the plotline.
AK needs a buff
M4A1-S is fine as long as you have good aim, that's why most people don't use it anymore, most people have shit aim.
lul epic bait eggsdee. Since when is educating someone being baited. Baiting is luring someone into an argument they cannot win, not simply saying wrong stuff and having someone correct you.
Weed does not "kill" your brain in any way, honestly you need to learn more about something before you bash it. There are plenty of negative things you can bash weed for but it looks like you don't a...
I don't smoke it, and how is relaxing escaping reality? Are people who get massages people who are escaping reality? You know little about this subject, you are ignorant, arrogant and idiotic. Gro...
The main reason people take HARD drugs is to escape reality, nobody is smoking weed to escape reality because that's not what it does. I've found that most people against weed are people who don't k...