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feminist soyboy kicks pro-life woman
I'm not religious so I support pro choice but she is religious so she should not support abortion. No religious person should support abortion because no religion agrees with abortion other than in c...
Ben Shapiro
No problem, in all honesty I worded my original reply pretty poorly at the end which I can see could easily lead to misunderstanding.
Ben Shapiro
I disagree with his stances on Israel, I disagree with his stances on transgender people (he refuses to call them by their preferred gender) and I disagree with his stances on gay marriage, I on the o...
Ben Shapiro
I'm not liberal I'm central but more right leaning than left. Sad really isn't an insult, it's a very accurate statement about someone getting into an internet discussion and blatantly lying about so...
Ben Shapiro
You ever watched any of his clips? Because I have and I can tell you're talking out your ass. I disagree with him on many things but the one thing he does extremely well is have articulated debates ...
Best lineups for WESG
-JW +f0rest JW is worse at rifling than f0rest, worse at clutching and doesn't even play AWP right now. Mix's would be better with 5 rifles on T side of most maps and as a CT holding with an AWP rez...
Flusha tweet
Flusha has been playing worse than GTR in the past 6 months so its not a fantastic idea, its one they may consider and i could even understand if they might attempt it but definitely not a fantastic i...
Swedish Shuffle
That team does have 3 NiP players.
Swedish Shuffle
NiP vs Liquid
Faceit delaying the match so I have time to get home from work to watch it. Thanks Bardolph <3
Witcher 3 is overrated
Great argument you have there. I never played crysis 1 because when it was relevant my pc was a toaster however without mods crysis 1 is clearly far worse looking than witcher 3, played like 80 hour...
Witcher 3 is overrated
Crysis 1 looks worse, crysis 2 looks worse, crysis 3 looks good but not better. What platform did you play the games on because I played both on PC with a gtx 1080 and a Ryzen 1700x and Witcher looke...
Witcher 3 is overrated
Best graphics of its time Fantastic storyline Well written characters throughout Solid combat with good depth Yeah naa it's not overrated.
1. Confidence is all well and good but means little when you're playing against other, as confident if not more confident teams. 2. Every team practices best of 3's, if youve got to the major and you ...
STRAWPOOL: showering in the morning vs in the evening
I used to do evenings but a shower in the morning wakes me up much more so I've switched to the mornings. If I don't have to go anywhere I usually do it about mid day, crack out a wank then get clean.