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Buying second hand car
Vauxhall astra Audi a3 Volkswagen golf All good choices.
G2 vs NiP
Plopski +42 across a 3 map series, god damn thats impressive.
Cry in Baguettes
Astralis vs NiP
Something you're not aware of yeah, Astralis are playing bad, NiP are playing good. Simple.
NiP top 1 2020
Top 5 is a stretch but realistic, top 1 is maybe dreaming a little too much.
Grayhound vs NiP
GH make a shit load of sticker money from dickstacy, all they need to do is qualify for the major and they'll make more money thanks to discks name than they would ever be able to achieve by being a l...
Grayhound vs NiP
Upset NiP beat Mous? 9-21 for frozen, oof.
NAF and low sensitivty
Depends if you're a wrist player, depends if you're doing claw or palm grip and depends on the individual. Best/former best aimers in the world sens: NiKo - 1.4 Scream - 2.35 S1mple - 3.09 Shox - 2.2...
NAF and low sensitivty
He did fine at the major: And hes doing really well in NY so far: https://www.hltv...
Uk players
Agree, as a Brit i dread getting Brits on my team.
NiP vs North
He's just become a dad so maybe he just can't focus.
FaZe vs NRG
Neo has only held the reigns for a couple of weeks, it takes much longer than that to fully get in the flow, a good sign so far is that with his calling the other team members are all playing well. ...
FaZe vs NRG
No, just no. Having a team of 5 aim stars doesn't work, they need a good igl who can hold his own, that's it. Karrigan is a good IGL but his style didn't fit faze and he hardly ever held his own. Neo ...
Still NA brain for saying they didn't when they did.