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They shouldn't have made this game battlefield, they should have made it a bad company game, the bad company games were always less serious and could get away with over the top crap like this. Plus ...
I quit for about 3-4 months and tried again with the same effects, I hope I can start doing it again soon because I don't enjoy TV shows or movies as much when I'm not high
£8-9 per g Next door neighbor sells it, 3 other people on my street sell it also Used to smoke it daily, don't smoke anymore I become hyper focuses, relaxed but energetic except recently it gives me p...
The very first time i heard it i heard yanny, all the subsequent times i hear laurel.
SK vs Astralis
FB stream is actually unwatchable. The financial decision to use FB stream wasn't worth it when nobody can watch your event.
k0nfig stepped down due to personal reasons (at least thats what the official release stated)
North removing Magisk was by far the dumbest move from that org.
Ez pistol for the best player in the world
EZ force buy for the best pistol player in the world dennis.
I have always used deagle over CZ, even when the CZ was rediculously powerful I always stuck with the deagle, the past month or so I decided to switch up to the CZ and see how it is, it's insanely bro...
Have you ever played inferno? If HE grenades did any more damage than they currently do then going banana would be a suicide mission.
SK vs NiP
It's always too risky to bet on or against NiP, they can beat anyone or get beat by anyone.
Fns made a joke about his team being so bad that immortals beat them even while having a hangover, kng lucas and heni had been spotted by multiple people staying up late partying and they even ended u...
I've already said it but I will say it again, I don't actually believe that kng would have killed fns, you'd have to be stupid to think that although saying it at all is illegal, yes even if you don't...
Like I said, it's not going to accomplish anything but it's the only thing I can do. I know it's hard for a Brazilian to understand a peaceful protest, you guys usually shoot, loot and set fire to th...
I know he wouldn't do it but that doesn't make it any less illegal. and what do you mean "Again this?" its the thing which started everything, what else would we talk about? The Thoorin gay joke? Cou...