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Realistic C9 5th
Viable 5th could be Cooper (Freakazoids brother) or an awper like Nifty .
C9 swag?
I don't see why they can't play with swag in 11 out of the 12 months of the year while majors aren't active, then use a stand in like shroud for majors.
CSGO guy at McGregor Khabib Press Conference! LOLOLOL
I didn't know that. Thanks!
CSGO guy at McGregor Khabib Press Conference! LOLOLOL
I've watched a ton of press conferences and haven't noticed him, sorry.
CSGO guy at McGregor Khabib Press Conference! LOLOLOL
I couldn't remember his name!
HOW FAST ARE YOU? Post reaction average.
25, 0.27
rng +liazz +grat
Renegades needed a change after bombing the major. Australia has some good talent coming through the ranks. They were on ORDER, right? or Tainted Minds?
chrisj to faze
and he is an IGL surrounded by star players. Imagine if those star players were Faze and not Mouse lol Unbeatable.
Cr8 a team with your name
Davis dev1ce autimatic Valde ISSA s1mple
7 drops on major
I've been watching since ESL One Cologne 2014 and haven't had a single drop. Note: My twitch is connected, before someone asks...
C9 smooya?
For real. Ska plays such a good support role, but everyone wants him to hard carry. He has the skill to do so, but for whatever reason he doesn't. He can be a killer support/secondary awp/clutch rifle...
C9 smooya?
Thorin's youtube channel lol
C9 smooya?
Note: Ska is a very effective rifler, especially when he doesn't feel comfortable Awping.
18+ Would you rather
Sounds to me like rape. But I'd go for the first one as long as she consents.
Playoff Predictions?
MIBR 2-0 coL Na'vi 2-1 BIG Liquid 2-0 HR Astralis 2-1 FaZe Na'vi 2-1 MIBR Astralis 2-0 Liquid Astralis 2-1 Na'vi