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I guess your age
I guess your age
Shroud Liquid (at the moment, rip old c9) MG1 5K hours Inferno (old inferno, fuck the new one) California
Tongue kiss pros?
Sean gares
New C9
RUSH is an entry fragger and did so much for them when they won the major. Why kick him while they have a new player every other event?
this era of cs
JWonderchild is a legend of CSGO.
Worst major winner?
Gambit had to beat Immortals. Cloud9 had to beat FaZe. Speaks for itself.
this era of cs
Yes, olof krimz and JW in their prime would get trashed on?????? lol Jamila must be new
this era of cs
I miss teams like old C9 where even if they don't do well, at least they have a roster of players with nice fan bases and exciting players. Right now all the teams in the top 10 are all robotic roster...
[18+] Virgin Pro Players(i r8 ur list)
I wouldn't be surprised if Lekr0 is a virgin. He's really shy and I can see him not pulling a trigger on boning a chick. Other players I wouldn't doubt are a virgin: CeRq, nahtE, Brollan, stanislaw,...
zywoo has been absolutely destroying tier 1 players in fpl. Does it mean he's the next big thing? No... but he's proving that he can perform and hit shots on LAN. Hopefully we can see him at the next ...
NRG vs OpTic
rip ggwp fuck lol
NRG vs OpTic
GHOST vs G2 in the finals! Wooo predicted it come at me fuckers!
FaZe s1mple
s1mple on na'vi is a good thing. The more spread out the top tier talent is on the game, the more variety in results we see, and the less boring it is. What good is it if we have the 5 best players in...
Karrigan useless?
Karrigan isn't a star player, but he's still very good, wins clutches, and has high game sense/CS IQ... I don't know why people think he needs to be kicked immediately.
Top 1 player of 2018
I'm guessing Dev1ce based on their major win and Astralis' consistent spot as #1.