Probably the only reasonable Indonesian on HLTV.

I make musics, which make me a little bit entertained.

I don't have good PC. I know, I am a cheapskate.
Forum posts
No fucking idea. About the reach, everyone can make one same as Twitch, so that's not a problem. Now the stream. By default, Facebook streams follow the quality of the streamer, I usually got 720p60...
nah usually the channel was a trash channel, esl often striking those channels.
NiP vs Space Soldiers
I guess that just whooshed over your head
NiP so lucky!!!
If you want to talk about luck, ask Winstrike.
Why noone is here
Asian is awake, how you doing?
REAL Round 2 predictions
Vega could give more fight to Astralis. Remember that they are a coordinated chaos, so 6-16 is unlikely to happen.
Bull vs Bulldozer
I can say that this is a bullfighting match.
GeT_RiGhT's Emotions
Shroud retired too early.
kiss after BJ [18+]
Can you call this gay with yourself?
kiss after BJ [18+]
what in the hot crispy kentucky fried fuck
I have been rooting for NiP before TyLoo became a thing..
Oh c'mon, why does it have to be exactly two of you, NiP and TyLoo? :( Now I don't know which team I should cheer.
Faceit Major
You know... Just face it. Haha, get it? Haha I'm so alone
AWP overpowered
I can agree with this. There are many problems with AWP, including unrealistic crouch peek that gives peek advantage, one-hit kill, ridiculous accuracy when counter-strafing, and 10 bullets. Insurgen...
Message for Jonty, Zeolik and other normies :)
You gave a fuck by making threads abiut him, so why deny? Too embarassed to admit that you actually give a fuck about him?