Probably the only reasonable Indonesian on HLTV.

I make musics, which make me a little bit entertained.

I don't have good PC. I know, I am a cheapskate.
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BnTeT nick explained
Thanks. But most of the semipro-pro Indonesian players used English word as their nick (xcurrate, Eeyore, FrostMisty), so BnTeT is quite a rare case to look at.
BnTeT nick explained
BnTeT roughly translates to bantet (adj.), which roughly means a thing that is pressured to be really small, making it very stiff and rigid. But yeah, maybe he got no real reason why he uses that name...
IEM Sydney time!?!?
+1 EPL is always 1 AM - 3 AM, so it is a pain in the ass to livestream it. How many ESL events are held in Asia-Oceania compared with in the Europe and NA? That ratio with actual CSGO users, I think i...
Marseille predictions...
You wrote Liquid < Na'Vi in playoffs but put Liquid in semifinal haha. Unless SK, you nailed the rest of the draw, but that was expected though, since other teams still need more experience (I won't s...
Marseille predictions...
2 upset already confirmed
Marseille predictions...
told ya, they went to playoff lmao
Marseille predictions...
Valiance > NiP Are you sure about that
Day 16 (Journal/Book)
Why did you make this in the first place?
Expected from nymphomaniac.
No I won't say it was brave. It was naive.
I will solve your
Environment, I suppose. I only learnt C for now, and going to learn more, if necessary.
New Ex-NIP (kinda)
-pronax +delpan this is more "kinda ex-NiP"
I will solve your
Good software to start game design?
HLTV users that actually went pro?