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weed price in ur city?
beacuse its way to cheap for good weed
weed price in ur city?
ye 100grams 5,000kr shit weed :)
weed price in ur city?
150kr? youre getting ripped off
dennis team confirmed
Why would Dennis leave godsent to go to a team what will suck whale dick? You must be mentally distrubted
anders and semmler
Semmler stole Anders cake, wich made them break up.
AGO > NaVi
fucking retarded idiot
SK's mistakes
You do not expect someone rushing drop like a fucking retard when theres already a molotov there on a semi final.
Sunny aimlocking pretty legit :)
Pretty sure he cant hear him from that far away but fine '' he heard him '' what about the other guy in ct then? what are you going to tell me now he peeked pool and the guy accidently were at hes cro...
Sunny aimlocking pretty legit :)
Well, im pretty sure Allu is better than this pathetic cheating kid
Sunny aimlocking pretty legit :)
Haha hes not even a pro thats the fun part
200-250$ GTX 1080
Well im pretty sure its not legit. But if you got money to risk and try go for it
Egiptians Muslims - Animals
+1 It's beacuse the arabs the other muslims gets that much shit but whatever seems like every muslim is the same :)
JW's sister?
Wow you really are a fucking idiot for making fun of someones sister or even considering doing it even tho that its not hes sister its just someone that swapped faces, grow up kid.
Safest countries
Sweden is safe :) we got a terrorattack it took 24hours and the man was behind bars :)
Singularity vs Manatee
hajde kurwa